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Smile City Network.

  The Way to a Higher Life

Into the Ocean of Time and Space.

All the moments of past and future melted into this eternal second

Of Now

Forever now

Forever ancient

Within itself is every thought, every action, every moment

Of everything

All contained in a speck of light

All the wisdom of the Guardians of the Universe

The Divine Realisation

Encapsulated in each grain of sand

The warm, sultry winds of change

Sweeping the sky

Painting a grand picture of clouds

A Masterpiece of creation

The drama of life unfolding and ever moving

Towards the final curtain

Of the final act

Spaceship Earth

Hurtling majestically through the heavens

On the long journey home

Spinning, Floating, Flying

Into Oblivion


The Seed planted

Pushes it's way toward the light

Simultaneously growing deep into the dark

To blossom and live out it's destiny

To fulfill it's dreams

From the ether we are created

And to the ether we go

Within us is the breath of our ancient selves

We are breathing their lives

And so long after we become once again dust and air

Our selves will return into the cyclic rhythm

This ebb and flow of life and death

To absorb

To be absorbed

To reabsorb

Forever on for infinity

Until the last breath has been expired from the final moment

From Mountains to stones

From sand to dust

Dissolving from oceans to rivers

From streams to vapour





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