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Peace That Passeth Understanding

There is Peace in heaven

Peace in the sky

Peace on earth

Peace in waters

Peace in herbs

Peace in trees

Peace in the deities

Peace in Brahman

Peace in all

Peace in peace.

May that peace be unto me.



(Sy.V. XXXVI:17)


An ineffable peace dwells in the heart of the Universe. This is its very essence. It permeates everything. All beings and things rest on the same Being which is Bliss itself.

Essentially it is one existence, undivided, undiversified, immovable, no matter what differences, divisions, movements, and discords may appear to us in the phenomenal world.

The one immutable Beings holds everything. The forms change, but not the substance. Men, animals, trees and mountains, the sun, the moon, the stars, and all beings are knit together, as it were, but a single golden cord permeating them.


Says Sri Krishna;


Beyond Me there is nothing else. All this is strung in Me as a row of gems on a thread.

(B.G. VII:7)


In Him we live, in Him we move, and in Him we have our being. As we think of the Divine Spirit as the one Self of all, we perceive our unity with all things and beings.

We feel we belong to the Infinite Being and through Him to all, and not to a particular family, society and country, race, nation and so forth.

Nothing seems to be alien, strange, or remote, but everything near and akin. All prejudice and antipathy leave the mind.

Peace and love dwell within us.



He who is the Real among the unreal

Who is the Omniscient amoung the sentient

Who, though One, dispenses desired objects to many (according to their actions)

Those wise persons who realize that indwelling Being

To them belongs eternal peace and not to others.

(Ka.U. V:13)



Contemplate your relationship with all through the all-pervading Divine Self. Think that you are at peace with everyone and everyone is at peace with you, that you fear no one and no one fears you.

Think that the atmosphere around you is peaceful; the air you breathe is pure and wholesome.

Think that as you inhale the air purifies you through and through. You have a pure body and a pure mind. Purity brings calmness. Your body had become steady and poised and the mind quiet.


Turn your inner eye on the mind and watch it.

Visualize the mind as a lake with a placid surface, free from all ripples, bubbles and eddies. Look through its crystal pure water into the depth of your being and envisage the innermost Self, pure, free, shining, and blissful.

As you view the Self you become one with it. You go beyond the mind. You find yourself ever distinct from it as its witness. No longer do you identify yourself with the body or the mind. You become detached from both.


Physical and mental conditions, hunger and thirst, growth and decay, pain and pleasure, hope and fear, cannot affect you any more. Neither the body or the mind can limit you.

Beyond them both, you find yourself in the limitless, changeless, ever-free, ever-calm Divine Being. You attain eternal peace, the peace of God that passeth all understanding.



When the seer sees the Radiant Being, the Maker, the Ruler, the Origin of origins, then he, having shaken off merits and demerits, stainless and illumined, attains supreme calmness.

(Mu.U. III:1-3)



Om shanti, shanti, shanti

Peace be with thee with this realisation.



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