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Installing the Sanskrit Fonts included with this CD ROM.

It is suggested that you install the Sanskrit Fonts onto you machine before reading The Divine Life Books Collection, as these documents do use sanskrit in some of the original sutras. All Sankrit text is of course translated with commentary! The Sanskrit font is purely for aesthetic purposes.

The Sanskrit PC fonts are available as a TrueType font files (.ttf) which can be downloaded from...

To install the Sanskrit Fonts follow these instructions.

  1. Exit all applications (or, at least exit your Net Browser).

  2. Open up the Fonts section of the Control Panels (Start / Settings / Control Panel / Fonts).

  3. Select the Add font command (File / Install New Font).

  4. Choose your hard drive in the Drives section.

  5. Choose the fonts where you downloaded them from the folders on your hard drive

  6. Four fonts should appear in the List of Fonts section.

  7. Press the 'Select All' button.

  8. Press the 'Ok' button.

If you have followed the above instructions, then the Sanskrit Fonts have now been successfully installed!

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