Chapter 4: Love is death, Question 1



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The first question:
Question 1

THAT'S WHY -- if you have deep love for me, there will be deep resistance also. They balance each other. Wherever love is, there is resistance too. Wherever you are tremendously attracted, you would like to escape also from that place, from that space -- because to be immensely attracted means you will fall into the abyss, you will no more be yourself.
Love is dangerous. Love is a death. It is more deathly than death itself -- because you survive after death, but after love you don't survive. Yes, somebody else is born, but you are gone. Hence the fear.
Those who are not in love with me, they can come very close, and there will be no fear. Those who love me, they will be afraid of taking each step; reluctantly they will take those steps; very hard it is going to be for them -- because the closer they come to me, the less will be their ego. That's what I mean by death. The moment they have come REALLY close to me, they are not -- just as I am not.
Coming closer to me is coming closer to a state of nothingness. So even in ordinary love there is resistance -- this love is extraordinary, this love is unique
The question is from Anand Anupam. I have been watching her. She IS resisting. The question is not just intellectual, it is existential. She has been fighting hard... but she cannot win. She is blessed because she cannot win. Her defeat is certain, it is absolutely certain. I have seen that love in her eyes; that love is so strong that it will destroy all resistance, that it will win over all efforts of the ego to survive.
When love is strong, the ego can try but it is already a losing battle for the ego. That's why so many people live without love. They talk about love, but they live without love. They fantasize about love, but they never actualize love -- because to actualize love means you will have to destroy yourself utterly.
When you come to a Master, it is either utter destruction or nothing. Either you have to dissolve into me and you have to allow me to dissolve into you, or you can be here but nothing will happen. If the ego remains, then there is a China Wall between me and you. And a China Wall can be broken easily, but the ego is a more subtle energy.
But once love has arisen, then the ego is impotent -- and I have seen this love in Anupam's eyes. It is there. It is going to be a great struggle, but good! -- because those who come very easily don't come. Those who take a long time, those who fight inch by inch, only they come.
But nothing to be worried about. The journey is going to be a long journey. Anupam will take time, maybe years, but nothing to be worried! She is on the right track. AND she has crossed the point from where she could have gone back; she has crossed the point of no-return. So it is only a question of time.
She is available to me. I never force anybody -- because there is no need. And it is good to give them time and enough rope, so they come on their own. When surrender is out of freedom it has a beauty.
But you can trust it is coming, it is on the way. In the deepest core of your being it has already happened; now it is just a question of time, so that the deepest core informs your superficial mind. In your heart you have already come to me. Only in the mind is there struggle. At the center you have already come closer to me; only on the periphery there is fighting going on. The headquarters have really already surrendered.
You must have heard about a Japanese soldier who was still fighting: the Second World War was over, so many years had passed, and twenty years after the Second World War he was still fighting -- he had not heard that Japan had surrendered. He was somewhere in the deepest forests of Indonesia, and still thinking that he belonged to the emperor of Japan and the fight was on. He must have been mad! He was hiding and escaping and killing people -- alone!
When just a few years ago he went back to Japan, he was given a hero's reception. He is a hero in a way. He was unaware -- but he must be a man of great will. He had heard from others -- it was not that he had not heard; how can you avoid for twenty years? that Japan had surrendered, the war had finished. But he insisted: "Unless I receive an order from my commander, I will not surrender." Now, the commander was dead, so there was no way to receive an order from the commander -- and he was going to fight his whole life. It was very difficult to catch hold of him; he was very dangerous -- but he was caught.
Exactly that is the case with Anupam: the headquarters have already surrendered, the commander is dead! Just on the periphery, somewhere in the forests of Indonesia you are fighting, Anupam. But sooner or later, howsoever mad you are, you will receive the news.....


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