Everybody has his Uniqueness

Second Question



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The second question:

Question 2




Prem Vinod,

MY TALKS ARE LOGICAL because when you come to me you come obsessed with logic. I can start communicating with you only through logic. But as you start relaxing with me, feeling that your mind is not in danger, then I start working illogically -- because life is bigger than logic, far bigger than logic. The working has to be illogical because working means I will be creating a situation for a transformation of your total being; it cannot be logical.

My talks are logical only for this simple reason that: if I start talking illogically you will escape, you will not be able to connect with me. So I come to the valley of your darkness to hold your hand, and then slowly I persuade you, seduce you to come towards my heights.

A clever college student had lost a textbook and put up a notice on the students' bulletin board. But instead of the customary LOST heading he captioned his notice SEX.

Below it he wrote: "Now that I have your attention..."

Who bothers to read the bulletin board? There are so many notices. And who bothers to read the notices with the captions "Lost"? But if the caption is "Sex", then it is very difficult -- difficult for the students, difficult for the professors difficult for the vice-chancellor, difficult for the chancellor to miss. He has to read it.

I am logical only so that "Now I have your attention..."

Life is not logical, it is supra-logical; logic is only a small fragment of it. Watch, and you will see what I am saying. Watch yourself -- are you logical in your life? Have you fallen in love with a woman logically? Can you give any proofs why you have fallen in love with a certain woman and not with somebody else? In fact, you cannot argue even that love is existential, you cannot even prove love's existence. It is one of the most difficult things to prove, that love has any existence. Science cannot give any support.

You can go full of love to the cardiologist and ask him, "Just check my heart -- it is throbbing with love! Just look at your diagram on your graph, whether something is there or I am just befooling myself" And he will say, "There is nothing wrong with your heart -- you are perfectly normal."

Even your heart can be dissected and no love will be found there. That's why science cannot prove love -- love is not matter. Science cannot prove your soul; the soul is not matter. The word "matter" is significant: it comes from meter; it means measurable, that which can be measured. Matter is that which can be measured. But there is something in you which is immeasurable, that is beyond the scope of science, mathematics, logic, physics, chemistry.

If you go to the chemist he will find all that is chemical in you, but he will not find the formula for love. If you go to the biologist he will find everything about your hormones, et cetera, but he will not find anything like love in you. He will say, "It is just a hormonal thing. You are deluded, you are hallucinating."

Diogenes was watching an archer at practice who was so clumsy that Diogenes went and sat down next to the target. "This is the safest place to be," he explained.

A couple of American sailors had been shipwrecked in the mid-Pacific and had been living on a desert island for several years. One day one of them found a bottle washed ashore -- a king-size Coca-Cola bottle he had never seen before. He examined it, then a sudden hysterical shock overcame him.

"Joe!" he cried in terror. "Look at this Coca-Cola bottle -- we have shrunk!"

This is logical. The Coca-Cola bottle has become so big, the only logical conclusion is: "We have shrunk!"

Diogenes went into a theater on one occasion just as the audience was crowding out. Upon being asked why, he explained, "I have been opposing people all my life!"

A burglar broke into a small factory and noticed a sign on the safe: "Don't waste dynamite. This safe is open. Just turn the knob."

He did so. At once the place was flooded with light and a bell rang loudly.

As he was taken to the police station he said, "My faith in human nature has been shattered!"

"Why do you look so sad?" Johnny asks his friend.

"Well," his friend replies, "my wife drove herself over a cliff!"

"That's horrible!" exclaims Johnny.

"But that's not the worst of it," continues the friend. "It was a brand new Mercedes!"

He was despondent. "The woman I love has just turned me down," he told his friend. "She won't marry me."

"Don't be so disheartened," said his friend, trying to ease his misery. "Don't you realize a woman's no often means yes?"

"But she didn't say no," he answered. "She said phooey!"

Life is strange! If the woman says no you can understand yes, but if she says phooey, then what you are going to understand?

Mulla Nasruddin was in hospital. A lady doctor knocked on the door. "Come in," said the Mulla.

"Take your clothes off, please," said the doctor.

"All of them?" inquired Nasruddin.

"Yes, all of them."

After taking off all his clothes, the lady doctor gave him a thorough examination. When she was finished, Nasruddin said, "I want to ask you one thing."

"Yes?" she said.

"Why did you bother knocking?"

Just watch all around, and you will find life is not logical -- it is the most illogical thing.

She was looking for a parking place and found one near a sign reading, "No Parking On This Street."

A policeman was standing nearby, so she called to him, "Can I park here?"

"No," he said.

"Why not?"

"Can't you read that sign? It says 'No Parking'."

"But what about all those cars parked here?"

"Listen, lady," the policeman said, "they didn't ask me!"

Prem Vinod, watch life and you will see its illogicalness. It is so apparent that if you really want to change life you have to take account of all its illogicality.

I can talk logically because language belongs to logic, but I cannot work logically; existence does not belong to logic. Language is created by logic, it is very logical. The grammar and the language, the mathematics, everything that has been invented by man is logical. Mathematics is very much logical, but life is not.

And mystics have always known it; physicists have come to know it only recently, just within these fifty years. After Albert Einstein's discovery of the theory of relativity they had to encounter the illogical world, the illogical existence. And then they realized that for three hundred years science has been living only in a very small place lighted by human logic. It is just like a candle lighting a small place, and the whole existence is dark, very dark.

If you study Albert Einstein's theory of relativity you will be very much puzzled; you will not believe that these are the words of a scientist. Albert Einstein's theory proposes that if a man leaves on an air spaceship with the same speed as light he will never grow old. For example, if you leave today on a spaceship with the same speed as light, that is one hundred eighty-six thousand miles per second, and after fifty years you come back, all your friends will be in their graves or maybe very old, and you will be exactly the same, of the same age, because time stops at that speed.

Now this is very illogical! Why time should stop at such a speed? And Einstein was asked again and again, "Where is the logic?" He said, "What can I do? If existence functions that way, I can only say how it functions."

When the atom was broken, split, and electrons were found, a new experience physicists had to go through. It was very crazy, because electrons suddenly disappear from one point and appear at another point; in between the two points they are not.

For example, I disappear here and appear into my room -- that is very illogical, but that's how electrons have been doing forever; just we were not aware of it!

When this phenomenon was known it was very puzzling. Eddington said that physics is becoming mysticism. Even mystics cannot do such miracles; no mystic has been known to do it. They have walked on water and they have raised the dead, but even Buddha has to walk from one village to another -- not just appearing in one village, disappearing, appearing into another. Then in forty years time he would have done at least the work of four thousand years!

But when physicists were asked, "How do you explain it?" they said, "We cannot explain it. This is how it is." They were asked, "It does not fit with logic." So they said, "We have to change logic!" Logic will have to fit with it; existence has no obligation to fit with logic. Why it should fit with your logic? Logic is man's invention, existence is not. Man himself is part of existence, and then man invents logic, just a part of man. And the whole existence is vast, immense; you cannot hope that it should fit with your logic.

Hence many things have changed. Although in the schools and colleges and universities we still go on reading Newton, Edison, Eddington, but modern science has gone far away from the ordinary logic.

The ancient Euclidean geometry is replaced by non-Euclidean geometry. Non-Euclidean geometry is absolutely illogical; Euclidean geometry was logical. Euclidean geometry says, "The shortest distance between two points is a straight line." Non-Euclidean geometry says, "There can be no straight line ever. Straight lines don't exist at all, they cannot." And you will be puzzled -- why? If you ask them why, they say, "Because the earth is round whatsoever you draw is just a part of a big circle. It is a small piece so it looks straight, but nothing is straight."

For example, this floor you are sitting on is just straight, but it cannot be; it only appears. You go on expanding this Buddha Hall and then you will come to know that it becomes round, because it will go around the earth. So even this small Buddha Hall is part of that big earth, and the earth is round.

No straight line exists, cannot exist, because in existence everything is spherical. All stars are spheres, all planets are spheres. You cannot find a place where you can draw a straight line. Wherever you draw it will be just an are, of course so small that you cannot see; for you it seems straight, but it is not straight.

Ordinarily we are trained for a mathematics with ten digits, from one to ten. The reason why there are ten digits has no mathematical reasoning behind it -- the only reason is that man has ten fingers. Because the primitive man started counting on his fingers, hence the ten digits. What kind of logic is this? And mathematics have tried...

One of the greatest mathematicians, Leibnitz, tried only with three digits -- one, two, three, that's all. After three comes ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, twenty. So in Euclidean geometry the world is a totally different world; in non-Euclidean geometry it is totally different. It you understand Leibnitz, then two plus two is not four, it is twenty, because four does not exist at all.

Albert Einstein tried with two digits, one and two. He said, "Even three is unessential. Science should go only with the essential, one and two." And then comes ten... and that way, Einstein says, everything can be worked out. Yes, less than two won't do; at least two digits will be needed. So that is the most essential; all non-essential is dropped.

Even science is no more logical, cannot be. It has come to a point where logic has fallen far behind.

Mystics have never been logical. I am not a logical person, but just to persuade you, just to attract your attention, I start with logic. But I always end in some illogical thing!


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