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The Rays and the Initiations - Part One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation
Rule Two

In our study of Rule One on Initiation, we gained (or perhaps fixed more clearly in our minds) three major thoughts:

  1. That the Path of Initiation is one on which we develop the Will aspect of divinity.
  2. We learn also to use consciousness as a jumping off place for the recognition of a new state of realization, which is not consciousness at all, as we understand that term.
  3. We undergo, prior to each initiation, two major tests - that of the burning ground and that of the clear cold light. [48]

We closed our discussion with the thought of Tension and I defined it as the identification of the brain and soul with the will aspect and the preservation of that identification - unchanged and immovable - in all circumstances and difficulties. I mention this as the "tension" concept or point of attainment underlies the teaching of the rule which we are now going to consider.

Rule II
The Word has now gone forth from the great point of tension: Accepted as a group. Withdraw not now your application. You could not, if you would; but add to it three great demands and forward move. Let there be no recollection and yet let memory rule. Work from the point of all that is within the content of the group's united life.

A close analysis of this rule will convey to the intuition far more than appears upon the surface, and that is rich enough. Each of these rules holds in it the seed of that understanding which must be evoked before the next rule can be mastered. All that is given is ever based on that which has gone before. The "three great demands" of the initiate are based upon the "triple call" found in Rule Two for aspirants and disciples. The triple call was earlier sounded forth. Now its higher significances must be comprehended.

There are only four parts to this rule, which is one of prime importance because it contains the motivating force, the conditioning factors and the place of triumph - all these are indicated. We will, as is our usual custom, study each separate part sequentially and as far as possible in detail bearing in mind that initiation deals with factors in latent manifestation for which our languages have no words, and with ideas which are not yet to be found among the "raincloud of knowable things" (as Patanjali calls it) - that is, knowable to the masses of men. The initiate is, however, dealing with a world of meaning and of affairs which are not yet manifesting in any way. The task of the Master [49] (and of Those higher than He) is to take those steps and precipitate those "waiting events" which will eventually bring them into manifestation. This, I would remind you, is always done by the use of the will and from a point of tension.

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