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The Rays and the Initiations - Part One - Fourteen Rules For Group Initiation
Here I should like to pause a moment and interpolate some remarks.

There are certain phases of teaching and knowledge which I have given to the world which are relatively new - new to the modern esotericist and occult student though not new to disciples and initiates. It might be useful here if I mentioned one or two of these new aspects of the fundamental Truth which have been given by me to the public. If these new phases of the teaching have been later given to the public by other occult groups, it will have been because the information was gained by those who have read the books put out by A.A.B. for me or who are directly and consciously in touch with my Ashram.

An instance of this is that book by C. W. Leadbeater on "The Masters and the Path" which was published later than my book, Initiation, Human and Solar. If the dates of any given teaching are compared with that given by me, it will appear to be of a later date than mine. I say this with no possible interest in any controversy among occult groups or the interested public, but as a simple statement of fact and as a protection to this particular work of the Hierarchy. I would remind you that the instructions given by me as, for instance, those in A Treatise on White Magic and A Treatise on the Seven Rays were given sequentially over a period of years, antedating the publishing of the books. The same time-factor prevailed in the publishing of the earlier books. All my books were written over a long period of years, prior to publishing. All that appears of the same type of information over other signatures harks back to these books. Even if denied by their writers, a comparison of the dates of publishing with the original dates of issuing the instructions (in the form of monthly sets for reading and study in the Arcane School) or with the books published before the formation in 1925 of the Disciples [251] Degree of the Arcane School will prove this conclusively. Bear in mind this factor of timing. A.A.B. takes down to my dictation an average of seven to twelve pages of typing (single-spaced) each time she writes for me; but owing to the exigencies of my work I cannot dictate to her every day, though I have found that she would gladly take my dictation daily if I so desired; weeks sometimes elapse between one dictation and another. I write the above paragraphs for the protection of the hierarchical work in years to come and not for the protection of A.A.B. or myself...

What are some of these newer truths for which I am responsible as transmitting agent to the world of occult students? Let me briefly state them in the order of their relative importance:

  1. The Teaching on Shamballa. Little has ever been given on this subject. Only the name was known. This teaching includes:
    1. Information as to the nature of the will aspect.
    2. Indications as to the underlying purposes of Sanat Kumara.
    3. Directions as to the building of the antahkarana, which is the first step towards achieving monadic consciousness, and thus the first step towards the Way of the Higher Evolution.
  2. The Teaching on the New Discipleship. This has been revolutionary where the older schools of occultism are concerned. The teaching includes:
    1. A presentation of the new attitude of the Masters to Their disciples, due to the rapid unfoldment of the mind principle and the growth of the principle of "free will." This changed technique negates the old attitudes, such as that portrayed in the Theosophical literature, and it was a recognition of the difficulties of correcting the wrong impression given which prompted H.P.B. in one of her communications to the Esoteric Section of her day, to regret ever having mentioned Their names. That earlier presentation was useful but has now served [252] its purpose. Unless the schools based on the old methods change their techniques and their approach to truth, they will disappear.
    2. Information as to the constitution of the Hierarchy and of the various Ashrams of which it is composed. I have presented the Hierarchy as the Ashram of Sanat Kumara in its sevenfold form, thus linking will and love.
    3. A presentation of the newer type of meditations, with its emphasis upon visualization and the use of the creative imagination; I have presented a system of meditation which has eliminated the attention paid hitherto to personal problems and the intense earlier focus on the relation of the disciple and the Master. The keynote of group fusion and of service underlies the newer form of meditation, and not this powerful emphasis upon the personal relation of the disciple to the Master and the achievement of the individual aspirant. This was degenerating into a form of spiritual selfishness and separateness.
  3. The Teaching on the Seven Rays. The fact of the seven rays was well known to the heads of the Theosophical Society, was mentioned very abstractly and vaguely in The Secret Doctrine, and formed in an elementary form some of the teaching given in the Esoteric Section; the names of the rays were given, and some information as to their qualities, and the Masters on the rays, was imparted but not much else. I have given out much information upon the subject and have endeavored to show the importance of this teaching from the psychological angle, because the new psychology is in the making. If esoteric teaching is eventually to be public in its presentation, it will be given out along the lines of psychology because esoteric teaching in its fullest and deepest sense concerns the consciousness aspect of man and God.
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