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The Rays and the Initiations - Part Two - Section One - The Aspirant and the Mysteries of Initiation
The Nature of the Antahkarana

One of the difficulties connected with this study of the antahkarana is the fact that hitherto the work done upon the antahkarana has been entirely unconscious. Therefore, the concept in men's minds relating to this form of creative work and this construction of the bridge meets at first with little response from the mind nature; also, in order to express these ideas, we have practically to create a new terminology, for there are no words suitable to define our meaning. Just as modern sciences have evolved a complete new terminology of their own during the past forty years, so this science must develop its own peculiar vocabulary. In the meantime, we must do the best we can with the words at our disposal.

The second point I would make is to ask those who are studying along these lines to realize that in time they will arrive at understanding, but that at present all that they can do is to depend upon the unalterable tendency of the subconscious nature to penetrate to the surface of consciousness as a reflex activity in the establishing of continuity of consciousness. This reflex activity of the lower nature corresponds to the development of continuity between the superconscious and the consciousness which develops upon the Path of Discipleship. It is all a part - in three stages - of the integrating process, proving to the disciple that all of life is (in terms of consciousness) one of revelation. Ponder on this.

Another of the difficulties in considering any of these esoteric sciences that deal with what has been called the "conscious unfoldment of the divine recognitions" (which is true awareness) is the ancient habit of humanity to materialize [453] all knowledge. Everything man learns is applied - as the centuries pass - to the world of natural phenomena and of natural process, and not to the recognition of the Self, the Knower, the Beholder, the Observer. When, therefore, man enters upon the Path, he has to educate himself in the process of using knowledge in reference to the conscious self-aware Identity, or to the self-contained, self-initiating Individual. When he can do this, he is transmuting knowledge into wisdom.

Previously I spoke of "knowledge-wisdom" which are words synonymous with "force-energy." Knowledge used is force expressing itself; wisdom used is energy in action. In these words you have the expression of a great spiritual law, one which you would do well to consider carefully. Knowledge-force concerns the personality and the world of material values; wisdom-energy expresses itself through the consciousness thread and the creative thread, as they constitute in themselves a woven dual strand. They are (for the disciple) a fusion of the past (consciousness thread) and the present (the creative thread), and together they form what is usually called, upon the Path of Return, the Antahkarana. This is not entirely accurate. The wisdom-energy thread is the sutratma or life thread, for the sutratma (when blended with the consciousness thread) is again also called the antahkarana. Perhaps it might clarify the issue somewhat if I pointed out that though these threads eternally exist in time and space, they appear distinct and separate until a man is a probationary disciple, and therefore becoming conscious of himself and not only of the not-self. There is the life thread or sutratma and the consciousness thread - the one anchored in the heart and the other in the head. Throughout all the past centuries, the creative thread, in one or other of its three aspects, has been slowly woven by the man; of this fact in nature his creative activity during the past two hundred years is an indication, so that today the creative thread is a unity, generally speaking, as regards humanity as a whole and specifically of the individual disciple, and forms a strong closely woven thread upon the mental plane. [454]

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