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The Rays and the Initiations - Part Two - Section One - The Aspirant and the Mysteries of Initiation
1. Intention. By this is not meant a mental decision, wish or determination. The idea is more literally the focusing of energy upon the mental plane at the point of greatest possible tension. It signifies the bringing about of a condition in the disciple's consciousness which is analogous to that of the Logos when - on His much vaster scale - He concentrated within a ring-pass-not (defining His desired [487] sphere of influence) the energy-substance needed to carry out His purpose in manifesting. This the disciple must also do, gathering his forces (to use a common expression) into the highest point of his mental consciousness and holding them there in a state of absolute tension. You can now see the purpose lying behind some of the meditation processes and techniques as embodied in the words so often used in the meditation outlines: "raise the consciousness to the head center"; "hold the consciousness at the highest possible point"; "endeavor to hold the mind steady in the light"; and many similar phrases. They are all concerned with the task of bringing the disciple to the point where he can achieve the desired point of tension and of energy-focusing. This will enable him to begin the conscious task of constructing the antahkarana. It is this thought which really lies unrecognized behind the word "intention," used so often by Roman Catholics and Anglo-Catholics when preparing candidates for communion. They indicate a different direction, however, for the orientation they desire is not that towards the Monad or spirit, but towards the soul, in an effort to bring about better character equipment in the personality and an intensification of the mystical approach.

In the "intention" of the disciple who is consciously occupied with the rainbow bridge, the first necessary steps are:

  1. The achievement of right orientation; and this must take place in two stages: first, towards the soul as one aspect of the building energy, and second, towards the Triad.
  2. A mental understanding of the task to be carried out. This involves the use of the mind in two ways: responsiveness to buddhic or intuitional impression and an act of the creative imagination.
  3. A process of energy gathering or of force absorption, in order that the needed energies are confined within a mental ring-pass-not, prior to the later process of visualization and projection. [488]
  4. A period of clear thinking anent process and intention, so that the dedicated bridge-builder may clearly perceive what is being done.
  5. The steady preservation of tension without undue physical strain upon the brain cells.

When this has been accomplished there will be found to be present a focal point of mental energy which previously had been non-existent; the mind will be held steady in the light, and there will also be the alignment of a receptive attentive personality and a soul oriented towards the personality and in a state of constant, directed perception. I would remind you that the soul (as it lives its own life on its own level of awareness) is not always constantly aware of its shadow, the personality, in the three worlds. When the antahkarana is being built, this awareness must be present alongside the intention of the personality.

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