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The Rays and the Initiations - Part Two - Section One - The Aspirant and the Mysteries of Initiation
The Seven Ray Methods used in the Construction Process

Until the stage of projection is reached, the methods employed by all disciples on all rays are identical. Their intention is one, and they all have to attain the same measure of tension and of preparation for the construction of the bridge by gathering the needed energy from two sources - the personality and the soul. By this focusing and its resultant tension, by thus evoking the Spiritual Triad and starting the dual process of building from both ends of the bridge (if such a phrase is possible and permissible), the work goes forward uniformly. The use of the creative imagination [502] is now called forth and this forms the second stage. This presents a real difficulty for the first ray and the seventh ray aspirants. Neither type can with facility organize the material energy, orient energy currents, and see their objective clearly in the mind's eye pictorially. It is a process which is profoundly difficult for them. It must, however, in some way be done, because the use of the visual imagination is an essential factor in the building process and one of the major means of focusing, prior to projection.

This process of projection falls into three main activities:

  1. After due focusing and after careful, sequential and systematic picturing the "rainbow bridge," the disciple - by a distinct and separate effort - calls in the will aspect of his nature, as far as he can in this incarnation. It is in this connection that the differing ray methods make their appearance, the difference being determined by the quality of the ray life.
  2. The disciple has to preserve steadily the triple consciousness, not simply theoretically but also factually, so that three paralleling lines of thought, or three streams of active energy, are used by him simultaneously:
    1. He is aware of himself, personality and soul, as occupied with the process of bridge building. He never for one second loses his sense of conscious identity.
    2. He is aware of the point of focused tension which he has succeeded in producing and that three streams of energy have contributed to it - the focused energy of the personality, poised in the lower concrete mind, the inflowing magnetic energy of the soul, streaming out from the twelve petals of the three tiers plus the innermost tier of the egoic lotus, and the energy of the "jewel in the lotus" - all streaming into the center of tension on the mental levels of the lower mind.
    3. He is aware of as much of the consciousness of his ray energy as can enter into his awareness; this is his egoic ray energy and not personality force. He endeavors to see himself as a point of particular energy [503] colored by his ray life, and carefully bears in mind that the energy of his egoic ray is the major energy through which the Monad is attempting to express itself, and also that his threefold egoic vehicle is a reflection of and closely related to the three aspects of the Spiritual Triad. It is this relation (and its conscious interplay and effect) which is evoked by the building of the antahkarana, and which eventually (when it is powerful enough) brings into radiant activity the "jewel in the lotus."
  3. When these three stages of realization have been completed as far as the disciple feels he is capable of carrying them, then and only then does he prepare himself for the distinctive use of his ray method in preparing for the "projecting sound" or Word of Power.

You can see from all the above that this constitutes a definitely planned process of a basic scientific nature, and requires as careful following as the procedure of any scientist in search of some advanced chemical formula. The only difference, scientifically speaking, is that the whole process is carried forward upon subjective levels and in the realm of consciousness, thus requiring a consciousness and a concentration not needed when working more tangibly on the outer plane of awareness. At first it seems complicated, as the disciple tries to master the different stages of the process, but it all becomes entirely automatic when once mastered. Here is a summary of process up to the point of definite projection:

  1. Intention, producing focusing and tension.
  2. Visualization, produced by:
    1. The buddhic activity of "impression."
    2. The tension of the mental body.
    3. The imaginative processes of the astral body..
  3. Projection:
    1. The calling in of the Will aspect.
    2. The preservation of a triple state of awareness in order that: [504]
      1. The disciple is aware constantly of his own identity.
      2. He is conscious of a fixed point of tension.
      3. He is aware actively of his soul ray or his soul energy.
    3. He starts in to use that distinctive ray energy correctly.
    4. He then, when all the above is completed, uses the Word of Power which is the agent of his Will.

This short tabulation should aid in the process, and you can see how stage grows out of stage and how, once familiarity has been established, it should be possible for the preliminary work to be rapidly carried forward.

When, however, the distinctive methods of the ray energy of the disciple reach the point of definite use, it is not so simple as it sounds. Success in the building process is dependent upon the ability of the disciple to do three things:

  1. Hold the mind steady in the light, i.e., preserving the point of tension at its highest possible point at any given time in the disciple's unfoldment and building activity.
  2. Register consciousness of soul contact, thus bringing about an increasing fusion between the soul and the personality, so that complete at-one-ment is increasingly attained. Technically, this means that the energy of the soul ray and of the personality ray merge together, with the soul ray dominating always.
  3. Hold in mind, specifically and in detail, the method to be employed in building the bridge, according to the particular ray technique, and with the objective in view of relating (in a new and significant manner, factually and not just theoretically) the Spiritual Triad and the personality.
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