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The Rays and the Initiations - Part Two - Section Two - The Aspirant and the Major Initiations

We now approach the second part of our theme, dealing with the major initiations; we will do so primarily from the standpoint of the ray energies, considering the subject from the initiate's point of view. I wonder if you realize, my brother, that this has never before been done? The teaching hitherto given out on initiation has been pictorially and symbolically presented; the understanding of the process was dependent upon right interpretation. In this materialistic age, that interpretation has been largely material in nature; emphasis has been laid upon the tangible and supposed form aspect of initiation.

I here propose a different approach, and would ask you to keep in mind some words out of the ancient Archives which are as follows:

"Energy is all there is, O Chela in the Light, but is not known. It is the cause of knowledge and its application and its comprehension lead to expanded understanding.
Through energy the worlds were made and through that energy they make progression; through energy the forms unfold and die; through energy the kingdoms manifest and disappear below the threshold of the world which ever is and which will be forever.
Through energy the Cross is mounted and from the vortex of the four uniting forces, the initiate passes through the door and is propelled into the Light - a light which grows from cycle unto cycle and is known as supernal Energy Itself."

I shall not be able to avoid a measure of symbolic approach and I am forced to use words which will fail to express the truth. The extent of your understanding will be based upon your point in evolution, upon your attitude [557] of mind as you approach this theme, and upon the point of tension you are able to achieve.

Initiation is (in its simplest definition) an understanding of the Way, for understanding is a revealing energy which permits you to achieve. Initiation is a growth in experience and the attainment thereby of a point of tension. Holding that point of tension, the initiate sees that which lies ahead. Initiation permits a progressive entry into the mind of the creating Logos. This last definition is perhaps one of the most important I have ever given. Ponder on my words.

Initiation is a system or a scientific process whereby the septenate of energies which compose the sum total of all the existences within our planetary Life are realized and consciously used for the working out of the divine Plan. It might also be stated that initiation is a method whereby the circulation of energies is furthered by the opening or the awakening of certain planetary and human centers to the impact of their ray quality, potency and divine intention. It is this statement which lies at the heart of the teaching on Laya Yoga or the Science of the Centers.

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