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The Rays and the Initiations - Part Two - Section Two - The Aspirant and the Major Initiations
The awareness of the initiate and his ability to work consciously within this triplicity of groups becomes the major objective of all his efforts, once the third initiation is left behind. His magnetic radiation and the expression of his controlling energies - prior to this stage of unfoldment - is [588] that of the soul, working through the personality. After the third initiation this radiation and the energy expressed become increasingly monadic and subject to three stages:
  1. The stage wherein the lowest aspect of the Spiritual Triad (that of the abstract mind) becomes potent as the conveyor of ideas; these are transformed by the initiate into ideals for the service of humanity.
  2. The stage wherein pure reason, plus the spiritual will, makes him an effective server of the Plan and a transmitter, in a progressive manner, of the Purpose underlying the Plan.
  3. The stage wherein pure monadic energy pours through him, focusing the will-to-good, as registered by the Hierarchy, and the sense of universality (not a vague phrase, but a specific potency) upon the physical plane.

A close study of these developing ranges of activity and of expanded consciousness will indicate why and how our planetary life is one immense synthesis of ordered activity.

The ray energies, utilizing the created form world and the "world of formless forms" (that is, the cosmic etheric levels of activity), constitute a great and applied process of initiatory activity, governing, controlling and conditioning every expression of divine life in all the kingdoms of nature - subhuman, human and superhuman. It is into this world of active moving energies that the initiate penetrates and within which he must consciously play his part. As you well know, the work of the aspirant today is to become a conscious, self-controlled and spiritual worker in energy within the ring-pass-not of the three worlds and - as I have frequently pointed out - to function, first of all, in control of his physical instrument, demonstrating this at the first initiation and during the succeeding initiatory processes; secondly, to control his emotional, feeling nature, demonstrating that control at the second initiation; at the third initiation, he has to bring into visible activity the mental element, and thus function in the three worlds as a soul-infused personality, utilizing the illumined mind as the fusing and synthesizing factor. These things [589] accomplished, he can - again in full consciousness - begin to be active as "a radiating point of crisis and a producer of the needed tension."

These three groups are essentially points of planetary tension and are producers of crisis in the lives of the individuals influenced and in the Hierarchy, as well as in the planetary life. Thus the conditions are created which make evolution possible. Some day the story of the evolutionary process will be written by an initiate of the great White Lodge, from the angle of its points of crisis and the subsequent points of tension. This enables the living forms, under this dual impact, to emerge into larger areas of consciousness. Each kingdom in nature can itself be regarded as a point of tension within the sphere of Being of the planetary Logos, and each - in time and space - is in process of generating those points of crisis which will produce a potent (and often sudden) moving forward upon the Path of Evolution. Humanity is today, in its present situation as a point of planetary crisis, generating such a point of tension that it will shortly be enabled to move forward into the new age dispensation, culture and civilization. The study of the individual aspirant parallels this.

These thoughts and ideas must be borne in mind as we study the remaining three major initiations confronting average humanity.

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