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The Rays and the Initiations - Appendix

Five Great Spiritual Events

(Written February 1949)

You (A.A.B.) have asked me what I considered the most important and significant events from the spiritual angle at this present time. This question highlights a theme which is exceedingly apposite, following as it does upon what I have just given anent the Great Renunciation (see pages 602-614) and its consequent revelation or (as the Christian churches call them) the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. The Christian resurrection is, however - from the angle of the great Lodge on Sirius - only a minor one and a passing resurrection, though the revelation subsequently accorded is lasting and permanent in its effects.

There are five great spiritual events in which all humanity is today sharing, and two which will take place later, when the first five have established their lasting effects.

These events are based upon a forced and not upon a spontaneous renunciation (as is the case in the true experience of the Renunciation Initiation); they will lead nevertheless to a revelation which is imminent in its dawning and which will confront humanity before so very long.

The war of 1914 - 1945 is over; its aftermath of suffering, famine, selfish reactions, suspicion and unseemly struggle for supremacy is equally as bad as the past war; the effects are more lasting, because the war has been largely transferred to the mental plane. The physical effects of war are far more easily obliterated than are the mental effects. The great question with which the Hierarchy is today faced is: Will the race of men succeed in renouncing their present material objectives and so prepare the way for a great revelation? The Coming of the Christ Himself is not the revelation which is to be accorded, but He will simplify the thinking of men so that a widespread illumination and [742] recognition of the revelation will be possible. The next few years will indicate the way the tide will turn, and whether the reactionary, material and selfish forces which have controlled for millennia of years will finally control. This reactionary and material spirit taints every department of human life, and the churches are no exception. Humanity can, however, learn its lesson and turn thankfully to the "way of righteousness" and to the hitherto unknown technique of right human relations.

I seek not to deal in detail with the evil which holds the world in thrall. Enough is already known and a small handful (small in comparison to the many millions) of hierarchical workers in all departments of life are struggling to awaken humanity to the risks they are running, and to the finality of the decision which the next two generations will be forced to make. More will come to the surface as we study present-day happenings from the angle of renunciation and resurrection.

I would like first of all to point out that:

  1. The mass of the people are sound, but ignorant of the higher values; that can be slowly righted. They are negative as yet in action, and prone to words and not deeds. They are easily led and also easily swayed by imparted fears.
  2. The evil in the world and that which is primarily guilty of swaying the masses at this time is focused through a few powerful men or groups of powerful men. No country is free from this control, or from this attempted control. These powerful groups are swayed in their turn by the forces of evil - forces which were not "sealed in their own place," because the plan of love and light and power still lacks positive and worldwide presentation.
  3. The aspirants, disciples and spiritual workers of the world are not acting in full concert with the Hierarchy. They are swayed by fear, by a sense of futility and by a too acute understanding of the nature of the forces of evil with which they are confronted. The picture of what must be accomplished looms too large; there is little organized [743] cooperation among them, and no welding together into a united group for world salvage and service.

The spiritual opportunity is, however, emerging with increasing clarity in the minds of thinking men and women, even if it is not expressed by them in orthodox (so-called) terms or in recognized or spiritual terms. Perhaps a clear statement of that which the active spiritual Forces are seeking to bring about may prove helpful. If the Forces of Evil are active and organized, the Forces of Light are equally active, but not so well organized. The basic goal is the freedom and the liberation of mankind, but the spiritual workers are handicapped by the fact that men themselves must make free choice and decision in order to be free; they can only be liberated when they - as individuals and later as groups - liberate themselves from the expressed thought-control of the powerful dominating groups and from the fears which these groups intentionally engender. Freedom can never be conferred through totalitarian methods; liberation cannot come through a dictator or dictating groups. A realization of the manner in which the hierarchical forces are working and a recognition that all men are today immersed in vital spiritual happenings may serve to encourage the faithful and give a quickening vision to those who are struggling on behalf of human freedom.

What are the five spiritual events in which all are consciously or unconsciously participating? Let me list them:

  1. The crisis of the ideologies.
  2. The steady awakening of men everywhere to better understanding.
  3. The growth of goodwill, as it reveals cleavages.
  4. The partial sealing of the door where evil dwells.
  5. The use of the Great Invocation.

These are the five deepest spiritual events happening in the world today. The two which lie ahead in the not too distant future (but which depend upon humanity availing itself of the present opportunity) are:

  1. The closer Approach of the Hierarchy.
  2. The imminent Return of the Christ. [744]
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