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The Rays and the Initiations - Appendix
5. The Use of the Great Invocation

Some time ago I gave out to the world - under instruction from the Christ - an Invocation that is destined to become of major usefulness in bringing about certain great events. These are:

  1. An outpouring of love and light upon mankind, from Shamballa.
  2. An invocatory appeal to the Christ, the Head of the Hierarchy, to reappear.
  3. The establishing on earth of the divine Plan, to be accomplished willingly by humanity itself.

Incidentally, these three events are relatively near and will be brought about by a conscious working out of the immediate phase of the plan, which it is the divine intention to bring about to a certain extent, before the reappearance of the Christ. The establishing of right human relations is the immediate task and is that phase of the Plan of Love and Light to which humanity can most easily respond and for which they are already evidencing a sense of responsibility.

Little attention has been paid to the factor of invocation as expressed by the people   of the world; yet down the [756] ages the invocative cry of humanity has risen to the Hierarchy and brought response. Some day a scientific study will be made of the great world prayers, spiritual statements and invocative appeals and their relation to world events; this relationship will become illuminatingly apparent and the result will be a closer linking of earth and the spiritual centers of love and life. This has not yet been done. Let me illustrate: The spiritual statement by Shri Krishna, to be found in the Lord's Song, the Bhagavad Gita, was an announcement, preparatory to the coming of the Christ. In that Song He says:

"Whenever there is a withering of the Law and an uprising of lawlessness on all sides, then I manifest Myself. For the salvation of the righteous and the destruction of such as do evil, for the firm establishing of the Law, I come to birth in age after age."

In the lawless and wicked period of the Roman Empire, the Christ came.

Another instance of a notable and most ancient invocation is to be found in the Gayatri where the people invoke the Sun of Righteousness in the words:

"Unveil to us the face of the true spiritual Sun, hidden by a disk of golden light, that we may know the truth and do our whole duty, as we journey to Thy sacred Feet."

To this we should also add the Four Noble Truths, as enunciated by the Buddha and which are so well known to all of us, summarizing as they do the causes and the sources of all the troubles which concern humanity. There are many translations of these truths to which I have referred; they all convey the same longing and appeal and they are all essentially correct as to meaning. During the Jewish dispensation, there was given a statement as to human conduct in the words of the Ten Commandments; upon these, human law has been based and upon them the laws governing the relationships of people in the West have been founded. It has eventuated in a somewhat narrow conception of Deity; these Commandments are didactic and [757] present the negative angle. Then Christ came and gave to us the fundamental law of the universe, the law of love; He also gave us the Lord's Prayer with its emphasis upon the Fatherhood of God, the coming of the Kingdom and right human relations.

Now the Great Invocation, as used by the Hierarchy itself, has been given out to the world. So reactionary is human thinking that the claim made by me that it is one of the greatest of the world's prayers and is on a par with the other voiced expressions of spiritual desire and intention will evoke criticism. That is of no importance. Only a few - a very few - in the early days of Christianity employed the Lord's Prayer, because it needed recording, expression in understandable terms, and adequate translation before its widespread use became possible. That effort took centuries to accomplish. Today, we have all the facilities for rapid distribution and these have all been employed on behalf of the Great Invocation.

The uniqueness connected with the Invocation consists in the fact that it is, in reality, a great method of integration. It links the Father, the Christ and humanity in one great relationship. Christ emphasized ever the Fatherhood of God and substituted it in place of the cruel, jealous tribal Jehovah of the nation to which He had gone for a physical vehicle. Christ was a Jew. In the 17th chapter of St. John's Gospel (which is another of the major spiritual statements of the world) Christ emphasized the relation of the Christ consciousness to the consciousness of Deity itself. He linked the concept of the Monad to the fully developed soul-infused personality, and the underlying unity existing between all beings in all forms and the Father. The possibility which He there expressed still remains distant, except in connection with the spiritual Hierarchy; it is good, however, to remember that They have achieved a goal towards which all true disciples and initiates are working. The Great Invocation relates the will of the Father (or of Shamballa), the love of the Hierarchy, and the service of Humanity into one great Triangle of Energies; [758] this triangle will have two major results: the "sealing of the door where evil dwells," and the working out through the Power of God, let loose on earth through the Invocation, of the Plan of Love and Light.

This is no idle dream. From the angle of the human consciousness, the vehicle of Light is, first of all, the great educational systems of the world, with their capacity for improvement and for the extension of science along the lines of the betterment of mankind, and not for its destruction as is so oft the case today; to this must be coupled the steady changing or conversion of scientific attainment, by the enlightenment which wisdom brings; this has in the past safeguarded human aspiration and human progress into light. In the light which enlightenment brings we shall eventually see Light, and the day will come when thousands of the sons of men and countless groups will be able to say with Hermes and with Christ: "I am (or we are) the light of the world."

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