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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section One - Division A - The Internal Fires of the Sheaths
The fire of Spirit is the essential fire of the first Lord of Will plus the fire of the second Logos of Love. These two cosmic Entities blend, merge, and demonstrate as Soul, utilizing for purposes of manifestation the aid of the third Logos. The three fires blend and merge. In this fourth round and on this fourth globe of our planetary scheme, the fires of the third Logos of intelligent matter are fusing somewhat with the fires of cosmic [64] mind, showing as will or power, and animating the Thinker on all planes. The object of Their cooperation is the perfected manifestation of the cosmic Lord of Love. This should be pondered upon for it reveals a mystery.

The blending of the three fires, the merging of the three Rays, and the cooperation of the three Logoi have in view (at this time and within this solar system) the development of the Essence of the cosmic Lord of Love, the second Person in the logoic trinity. Earlier it was not so, later it will not be, but now it is. When viewed from the cosmic mental plane these Three constitute the PERSONALITY OF THE LOGOS, and are seen functioning as one. Hence the secret (well recognized as fact, though not understood) of the excessive heat, occultly expressed, of the astral or central body of the triple personality. It animates and controls the physical body, and its desires hold sway in the majority of cases; it demonstrates in time and space the correspondence of the temporary union of spirit and matter, the fires of cosmic love and the fires of matter blended. A similar analogy is found in the heat apparent in this second solar system.

d. The Atom. The inner fires of the atom can likewise be seen functioning along similar lines, their demonstration being already somewhat recognized by science. This being so there exists no necessity for further elaboration. 21 [65]

21 "It should be remembered that the mere scale does not matter, for greatness and smallness are essentially relative. The destiny of each atom is to create a brahmanda. Brahmandas like or smaller or larger than ours, held together by a sun, are present in every atom. Vishvas, great world-systems, exist in an atom, and atoms again exist in these vishvas. This is the significance of 'many from one'; wherever we see the one we should recognize the many also, and conversely. After securing the ability of, and then actually, creating a brahmanda, the next step is the creation of a jagat, then a vishva, then a mahavishva and so on, till the status of mahavishnu is reached."
- Bhagavan Das in the Pranava Vada, p. 94.

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