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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section One - Division C - The Etheric Body and Prana
  • Sixth. In all the three bodies - human, planetary, and systemic or logoic - will be found a great organ within the organism which acts as the receiver of prana. This organ has its etheric manifestation and its dense physical correspondence.
    In the system, the organ of cosmic prana, of the force vitalizing matter, is the central sun, which is the direct receiver and dispenser of cosmic radiation. This is one of the threefold divisions of the Primordial Ray of active intelligence. Each of the cosmic Rays is in essence threefold, a fact which is oft overlooked, though logically obvious; each Ray is the vehicle for a cosmic Entity, and all existence is necessarily triple in manifestation. The central Sun has within its periphery a center of reception with a surface radiation.
    In the planet there will be found a similar organ or receiver within its etheric body, the locality of which is not for esoteric publication and cannot therefore be revealed. It is connected with the location of the two poles, north and south, and is the center around which the globe rotates, and is the source of the legend of a sacred fertile land within the sphere of polar influences. The mythic land of exceeding fertility, of abundant [84] luxuriance, and of phenomenal growth, vegetable, animal and human would naturally lie where prana is received. It is the esoteric Garden of Eden, the land of physical perfection. Surface radiation demonstrates, after distribution, as planetary prana.
    In Man. The organ of reception is the spleen through its etheric counterpart. After distribution over the entire body via the etheric network it demonstrates in surface radiation as the health aura.
  • Seventh. Thus in all the three bodies will the resemblance clearly be seen, and the working out in perfect correspondence is easily demonstrable:



Entity manifesting The solar Logos.
Body of manifestation The solar system.
Receptive center Pole of the central Sun.
Surface radiation or emanation Solar prana.
Movement produced Systemic rotation.
Distributive effect Solar etheric radiation
(felt cosmically).


Entity manifesting A planetary Logos.
Body of manifestation A planet.
Receptive center The planetary pole.
Surface radiation or emanation Planetary prana.
Movement produced Planetary rotation.
Distributive effect Planetary etheric radiation
(felt within the system).


Entity manifesting The thinker, A Dhyan Chohan.
Body of manifestation Physical body.
Receptive center The spleen.
Surface radiation or emanation Health aura.
Movement produced Atomic rotation.
Distributive effect Human etheric radiation
(felt by environment). [85]


Entity manifesting An elementary life.
Body of manifestation The atomic sphere.
Receptive center Pole of the atom.
Surface radiation or emanation Contribution of atom to the
united health aura of body.
Movement produced Atomic rotation.
Distributive effect Atomic etheric radiation
(felt within the physical form).
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