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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section One - Division D - Kundalini and the Spine
The merging of the fires of matter and the fires of mind results in the energizing of the sumtotal of the atoms of the matter of the body. This is the secret of the immense staying power of the great thinkers and workers of the race. It results also in a tremendous stimulation of the three higher centers in the body, the head, the heart, the throat and in the electrification of this area of the body. These higher centers then form a field of attraction for the downflow of the third fire, that of Spirit. The many-petalled head center at the top of the head becomes exceedingly active. It is the synthetic head center, and the sumtotal of all the other centers. The stimulation of the centers throughout the body is paralleled or duplicated by the concurrent vivification of the many-petalled lotus. It is the meeting place of the three fires, those of the body, of the mind, and of the Spirit. The at-one-ment with the Ego is completed when it is fully stimulated, and combustion then ensues; this is duplicated in the subtler vehicles and causes the final consummation and the liberation of Spirit.

The merging of the fires of matter is the result of evolutionary growth, when left to the normal, slow development that time alone can bring. The junction of the two fires of matter is effected early in the history of man, and is the cause of the rude health that the clean-living, high-thinking man should normally enjoy. When the fires of matter have passed (united) still further along the etheric spinal channel they contact the fire of manas as it radiates from the throat center. Clarity of thought is here essential, and it will be necessary to elucidate somewhat this rather abstruse subject.

  1. The three major head centers (from the physical standpoint) are the:
    1. Alta center,
    2. Pineal gland,
    3. Pituitary body. [137]
  2. They form a manasic triangle, after their juncture with the two fires of the two lower triangles, i.e., when they become synthetic.
  3. But the purely manasic triangle prior to this merging is,
    1. The throat center,
    2. The pineal gland,
    3. Pituitary body.

This is during the period when the human unit consciously aspires and throws his will on the side of evolution, thus making his life constructive.

The other fire of matter (the dual fire) is attracted upward, and merges with the fire of mind through a junction effected at the alta major center. This center is situated at the base of the skull, and there is a slight gap between this center and the point at which the fires of matter issue from the spinal channel. Part of the work the man who is developing thought power has to do, is to build a temporary channel in etheric matter to bridge the gap. This channel is the reflection in physical matter of the antahkarana 63 that the Ego has to build in order to bridge the gap between the lower and higher mental, between the causal vehicle on the third subplane of the mental plane, and the manasic permanent atom on the first subplane. This is the work that all advanced thinkers are unconsciously doing now. When the gap is [138] completely bridged, man's body becomes coordinated with the mental body and the fires of mind and of matter are blended. It completes the perfecting of the personality life, and as earlier said, this perfecting brings a man to the portal of initiation - initiation being the seal set upon accomplished work; it marks the end of one lesser cycle of development, and the beginning of the transference of the whole work to a still higher spiral.

We must always bear in mind that the fires from the base of the spine and the splenic triangle are fires of matter. We must not lose this recollection nor get confused. They have no spiritual effect, and concern themselves solely with the matter in which the centers of force are located. These centers of force are always directed by manas or mind, or by the conscious effort of the indwelling entity; but that entity is held back in the effects he seeks to achieve until the vehicles through which he is seeking expression, and their directing, energizing centers, make adequate response. Hence it is only in due course of evolution, and when the matter of these vehicles is energized sufficiently by its own latent fires that he can accomplish his long-held purpose. Hence again the need of the ascension of the fire of matter to its own place, and its resurrection from its long burial and seeming prostitution before it can be united with its Father in Heaven, the third Logos, Who is the Intelligence of matter itself. The correspondence, again, holds good. Even the atom of the physical plane has its goal, its initiations and its ultimate triumph.

Other angles of this subject, such as the centers and their relationship to manas, the fire of Spirit and manas, and the eventual blending of the three fires, will be dealt with in our next two main divisions. In this division we are confining ourselves to the study of matter and fire, and must not digress, or confusion will ensue. [139]

63 1. "The Master-soul is Alaya, the universal soul or Atma, each man having a ray of it in him and being supposed to be able to identify himself with and to merge himself into it.

2. Antahkarana is the lower Manas, the path of communication or communion between the personality and the higher Manas or human soul.

At death it is destroyed as a path or medium of communication, and its remains survive in form as the Kama-rupa - the shell."
- Voice of the Silence, page 71.

"The antahkarana is the imaginary path between the personal and the impersonal self, and is the highway of sensation; it is the battlefield for mastery over the personal self. It is the path of aspiration, and where one longing for goodness exists the antahkarana persists."
- See Voice of the Silence, pp. 50, 55, 56, 88.

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