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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section One - Division E - Motion on the Physical and Astral Planes
The second period, wherein the egoic ray holds sway, is not so long comparatively; it covers the period wherein the fourth and fifth triangles are being vivified, and marks the lives wherein the man throws his forces on the side of evolution, disciplines his life, steps upon the Probationary Path, and continues up to the third Initiation. Under the régime of the Personality Ray, the man proceeds upon the five Rays to work consciously with Mind, the sixth sense, passing first upon the four minor Rays and eventually upon the third. He works [176] upon the third Ray, or that of active Intelligence, an from thence proceeds to one of the subrays of the two other major Rays, if the third is not his egoic Ray.

Enquiry might naturally arise as to whether the egoic ray is necessarily one of the three major rays, and in Initiates and Masters are not to be found upon some of the rays of mind, the minor four.

The answer lies here: The egoic ray can always be one of the seven, but we need to remember that, in this astral-buddhic solar system, wherein love and wisdom are being brought into objectivity, the bulk of the monads are on the love-wisdom ray. The fact, therefore, of its being the synthetic ray has a vast significance. This is the system of the SON, whose name is Love. This is the divine incarnation of Vishnu. The Dragon of Wisdom is in manifestation, and He brings into incarnation those cosmic Entities who are in essence identical with Himself. After the third Initiation all human beings find themselves on their monadic ray, on one of the three major rays, and the fact that Masters and Initiates are found on all the rays is due to the following two factors:

First. Each major ray has its subrays, which correspond to all the seven.

Second. Many of the guides of the race transfer from one ray to another as They are needed, and as the work may require. When one of the Masters or Initiates is transferred it causes a complete readjustment.

When a Master likewise leaves the hierarchy of our Planet to take up work elsewhere, it frequently necessitates a complete reorganization, and a fresh admission of members into the great White Lodge. These facts have been but little realized. We might here also take the opportunity to point out that we are not dealing with earth conditions when we consider the Rays, nor are we only concerned with the evolution of the Monads upon this planet, but are equally concerned with the solar [177] system in which our earth holds a necessary but not supreme place. The earth is an organism within a greater one, and this fact needs wider recognition. The sons of men upon this planet so often view the whole system as if the earth were in the position of the sun, the center of the solar organism.

Under the régime of the Ego, the ray upon which the ego can be found holds sway. This ray is simply a direct reflection of the monad, and is dependent upon that aspect of the spiritual triad which for the man is at any particular time the line of least resistance. By that we must understand that sometimes the ray will have for its center of force the atmic aspect, sometimes the buddhic, and at other times the manasic aspect. Though the triad is threefold, yet its egoic outposts (if one may so express it) will be either definitely atmic, or predominantly buddhic or manasic. Here again I would draw attention to the fact that this triple demonstration can be seen under three forms, making in all a ninefold choice of rays for the Ego:

Atmic aspect.

  1. atmic - atmic
  2. atmic - buddhic
  3. atmic - manasic.

Buddhic aspect.

  1. buddhic - atmic
  2. buddhic - buddhic
  3. buddhic - manasic.

Manasic aspect.

  1. manasic - atmic
  2. manasic - buddhic
  3. manasic - manasic.

This literally means that the three major rays can each be subdivided (in connection with the Ego) into three divisions. This fact is also little appreciated. [178]

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