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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section One - Division E - Motion on the Physical and Astral Planes
The Solar System. We might briefly look at this from [180] the standpoint of the centers of the Heavenly Men and of the Grand Man of the Heavens, the Logos.

a. The Heavenly Men. The Heavenly Men, in Themselves, embody centers just as does a human being, and on Their Own plane these centers of force can be found. Again we need to recollect that these centers of force on cosmic levels, and in manifestation in the objective system, demonstrate as the great force centers of which any particular group of adepts and Their pupils are the exponents. Every group of Masters and all the human beings incarnate or discarnate - who are held within the periphery of Their consciousness - are centers of force of some particular kind or quality. This is a fact generally recognized, but students should be urged to link up this fact with the information imparted on the centers of the human being, and see if much is not thereby learnt. These centers of force will demonstrate on etheric levels and on the subtler planes just as they do in a man, and they will be vivified as are the human centers by planetary kundalini, progressing in the desired triangles.

Two hints can here be given for thoughtful consideration. In connection with one of the Heavenly Men (which one cannot at this juncture be pointed out) we have one triangle of force to be seen in the following three centers:

  1. The force center of which the Manu, and His group, are the expression.
  2. The center of which the Bodhisattva or the Christ and His adherents are the focal point.
  3. The center of which the Mahachohan and his followers are the exponents.

These three groups form the three centers in one great triangle - a triangle which is not yet in complete vivification at this stage of evolutionary development. [181]

Another triangle in connection with our own planetary Logos is that formed by the seven Kumaras - the four exoteric Kumaras corresponding to the four minor head centers, and the three esoteric Kumaras corresponding to the three major head centers. 75, 76.

The second hint I seek to give, lies in the triangle formed by the Earth, Mars and Mercury. In connection with this triangle, the analogy lies in the fact that Mercury and the center at the base of the spine in the human being are closely allied. Mercury demonstrates kundalini in intelligent activity, while Mars demonstrates kundalini latent. The truth lies hid in their two astrological symbols. In transmutation and planetary geometrizing, the secret may be revealed.

b. The Grand Man of the Heavens. The seven Heavenly Men are the seven centers in the body of the Logos, bearing to Him a relationship identical with that borne by the Masters and Their affiliated groups, to some planetary Logos. Systemic kundalini goes forward to the vivification of these centers, and at this stage of development certain centers are more closely allied than others. Just as in connection with our planetary Logos, the three etheric planets of our chain - Earth, Mercury and Mars 77 - form a triangle of rare importance, so it may be here said that at the present point in evolution of the logoic centers, Venus, Earth and Saturn form one triangle of great interest. It is a triangle that is at this time undergoing vivification [182] through the action of kundalini; it is consequently increasing the vibratory capacity of the centers, which are becoming slowly fourth-dimensional. It is not yet permissible to point out others of the great triangles, but as regards the centers, we may here give two hints:

  • First. Venus corresponds to the heart center in the body logoic, and has an interrelationship therefore with all the other centers in the solar system wherein the heart aspect is the one of greater prominence.
  • Second. Saturn corresponds to the throat center, or to the creative activity of the third aspect.

As evolution proceeds, the other centers attain a more pronounced vibration and the fire (circulating triangularly) will bring them into greater prominence; the two above mentioned, however, are of prime importance at this time. These two, with the lesser triangle of our chain, constitute the focal point of energy viewed from our planetary standpoint.

In addition to these some hints in connection with the microcosmic and macrocosmic centers, we might here give the cosmic correspondences at which it is possible to hint.

The Cosmos. Our solar system, with the Pleiades and one of the stars of the Great Bear, form a cosmic triangle, or an aggregation of three centers in the Body of HIM OF WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID. The seven stars in the constellation of the Great Bear are the correspondences to the seven head centers in the body of that Being, greater than our Logos. Again, two other systems, when allied with the solar system and the Pleiades, make a lower quaternary which are eventually synthesized into the seven head centers in much the same way as in the human being after the fourth initiation. [183]

  1. The base of the spine.
  2. The solar plexus.
  3. The heart.
  4. The throat.

The sevenfold head center in its turn finds ultimate expression in the gorgeous twofold center above the top of the head and surrounding it. Equally so, beyond the above named constellations is still another cosmic center. The name of this center is one of the secrets of the final initiation, the seventh. These are the only correspondences that may as yet be imparted. What lies beyond the solar ring-pass-not may be of intellectual interest, 78 but, for the purposes of microcosmic evolution it is a matter of no vast import.

75 There are seven Kumaras connected with our planetary evolution, of Whom four are exoteric; the four exoteric have vehicles in etheric matter; three Kumaras are esoteric and have their vehicles in subtler matters still.

Sanat Kumara, The Lord of the world, is the representative on earth of the specialized force of the planetary Logos; the other six Kumaras transmit energy from the other six planetary schemes.

76 S. D., I, 186-189.

77 The chains of any planetary scheme are frequently called by the names of the seven sacred planets, making the study of the Law of Correspondences easier; similarly, the globes Of any chain are called by planetary names, as is the case here. There are planetary schemes called Mars and Mercury.

78 S. D., I, 545, 726; II, 581, 582, 654.

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