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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section One - Division E - Motion on the Physical and Astral Planes
This development is paralleled on the two higher planes simultaneously as in the lower, and as the astral senses come into perfected activity, the corresponding centers of force on the buddhic plane begin to function until the vibratory interplay between the two is consummated, and the force of the Triad can be felt definitely in the Personality via the astral.

Again the corresponding vortices on the atmic level come into active vibration as the mental centers become fourth dimensional, till we have a wonderful fiery activity demonstrating on all the three planes.

From the point of view of fire, 86 leaving the aura and [205] its colors out of temporary consideration, the evolutionary development marks an equally definite process.

  1. The vivification of the inner heat of the sheaths, or the tiny point of fire latent in every individual atom of matter. This process proceeds in all three bodies, at first slowly, then more rapidly, and finally simultaneously and synthetically.
  2. The bringing into activity from latency of the seven centers on all planes, beginning from the bottom upwards, until the centers (according to ray and type) are interrelated and coordinated. There are manifest thirty-five vortices of fire in the perfected adept, - all of radiant activity and all interacting.
  3. The vortices or wheels of lambent flame become interlinked by triangles of fire which pass and circulate from one to another, till we have a web of fiery lines, uniting centers of living fire, and giving truth to the statement that the Sons of Mind are FLAMES.
  4. These centers reach this condition of perfection as the Spirit or Will aspect takes ever fuller control. The unifying triangles are produced by the action of the fire of mind, while the fire of matter holds the form together in ordered sequence. So the interdependence of matter, mind and Spirit can be seen and demonstrates to the eye of the clairvoyant as the coordination of the three fires.
  5. In the Heavenly Man and His body, a chain of globes 87 likewise can be seen and we need here to [206] remember very carefully that the seven chains of a scheme are the expression of a planetary Logos. The Heavenly Men are expressing Themselves through a scheme of seven chains and the emphasis has been laid unduly, perhaps, upon the dense physical planet in any particular chain. This has caused the fact of the chain importance to be somewhat overlooked. Each of the seven chains might be looked upon as picturing the seven centers of one of the Heavenly Men. The idea of groups of Egos forming centers in the Heavenly Men is nevertheless correct, but in this connection the reference is to the centers of force on buddhic and monadic levels. 88 [207]

In connection with this there is a fundamental point that must never be forgotten: these seven Heavenly Men might be considered as being in physical incarnation through the medium of a physical planet, and herein lies the mystery of planetary evolution. Herein lies the mystery of our planet, the most mysterious of all the planets. Just as the karma of individuals differs, so differs the karma of the various Logoi, and the karma of our planetary Logos has been a heavy one, and veiled in the mystery of personality at this time.

Again, according as the centers are active or inactive, so the manifestation differs likewise, and the study which opens up is of vast and abstruse interest in connection with the solar system.

86 The Fire of the manifested cosmos is Septenary. The Threefold God manifests through the seven Fires:

  1. Electric fire - The seven Heavenly Men.
  2. Solar fire - Evolution of the seven Entities through their vehicles developing the seven principles.
  3. Fire by friction - The seven chains. They are the seven centers of the Logos.

A Heavenly Man manifests through a chain.

  1. He is electric fire - The seven solar entities who inform each globe.
  2. He is solar fire - Evolution of the life through the forms, developing the seven principles.
  3. He is fire by friction - The seven globes.

Each Heavenly Man has seven principles.

A Man, the Microcosm, manifests through his vehicles:

  1. He is electric fire - The monad, a solar entity.
  2. He is solar fire - Evolution of the life through the vehicles in order to develop the seven principles.
  3. He is fire by friction - The seven sheaths:
    1. Atmic.
    2. Buddhic.
    3. Causal.
    4. Mental body.
    5. Astral body.
    6. Etheric body.
    7. Physical body.

Physical Plane man manifests in the three worlds:

  1. Electric fire - The higher self.
  2. Solar fire - The seven centers.
  3. Fire by friction - The sheaths.

87 The Planetary Chains: The seven Heavenly Men - Form, the sun and the seven sacred planets. - S. D., I, 100, 155.

Some of their names and qualities.

  1. The seven planetary Logoi, or the seven Spirits before the throne.
  2. The seven Kumaras - S. D., III, 59, 327.
  3. Seven solar deities - S. D., I, 114; I, 228; II, 92, 257.
  4. The primordial seven - S. D., I, 116.
  5. The seven Builders - S. D., I, 152, 153.
  6. Seven intellectual Breaths - S. D., II, 332, note.
  7. The seven Manus - S. D., I, 488.
  8. The Flames - S. D., II, 258.
    They came from previous kalpas. - S. D., II, 99.
    Their nature is knowledge and love. - S. D., II, 275; S. D., II, 619.

The seven sacred planets are:

  1. Saturn
  2. Jupiter.
  3. Mars
  4. Sun (substitute for another).
  5. Venus
  6. Mercury.
  7. Moon (substitute for another).

Neptune and Uranus are not here enumerated, nor Vulcan. The orbit of Neptune includes apparently the entire ring-pass-not. Vulcan is within the orbit of Mercury. Each one of the Heavenly Men manifests through a chain of seven globes.

All the seven Logoi influence a chain, but one of Them is the incarnating Entity. They influence:

  1. Some globe in chain.
  2. Some plane.
  3. Some round.
  4. Some world period.
  5. Some root-race.
  6. Some subrace.
  7. Some branch race.
  8. Some group.
  9. Some human unit.

88 In the Secret Doctrine, the Sons of Mind are spoken of as flames. In Stanza VII, 4, "These are the three-tongued flame of the four wicks. The wicks are the sparks, that draw from the three-tongued flame shot out by the seven flames. The spark hangs from the flame by the finest thread of Fohat."

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