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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Introductory Questions

Introductory Questions

Before taking up the subject of the fire of mind under the schedule already outlined, it might be of profit if certain facts are here pointed out, and one or two points clarified. The subject we are undertaking to elucidate is one of profound mystery, and is the basis of all that is now seen and known, both objectively and subjectively. We have somewhat studied that pole of manifestation called matter. The subject we are now entering upon concerns several things which might be considered in general terms as Consciousness, and in specified terms as including the following subjects, - hence its fundamental importance. [224]

  1. a. The science of objectivity.
  2. The manifestation of the Son through the Sun and its attendant spheres, or the solar system in its entirety.
  3. The evolutionary development of consciousness in time and space, therefore, the evolution of spirit and matter.

If the above three fundamentals are studied, it will be noted that they are very comprehensive, and, therefore, from the immensity of the theme, it will not be possible to do more than attempt to bring a general clarity of conception as to the broad outline of the process, and as to the gradual development of consciousness. For the sake of an intelligent following of this matter, it might be wise first to lay down a number of propositions which - (even if already known and appreciated) - will serve students as the scaffolding on which to erect the intended structure of knowledge. If a student of the Wisdom can grasp the nature of the general theme, he can then more easily and accurately fit the detailed information into its appropriate niche. Perhaps the best plan would be to formulate certain questions, and then proceed to answer them, - the answers to embody therefore the propositions that will be laid down. These questions arise naturally to the student of the Secret Doctrine, when he has reached the point where the big plan is becoming visible to him, but the pile of detailed material to be built in remains, as yet, inchoate. The questions we might ask and study are the following:

  1. What is the relationship of the Son to the Sun?
  2. What is evolution and how does it proceed?
  3. Why is this solar system evolving along the lines of duality?
  4. What is consciousness and what is its place in the present scheme of things? [225]
  5. Is there a direct analogy between the development of the following factors: a solar system, a planet, a man, and an atom?
  6. What is the mind aspect and why is the manasic or mental principle of such importance? Who are the Manasaputras, or the Sons of Mind?
  7. Why is the progress of evolution cyclic?
  8. Why, as yet, do we consider certain knowledge as esoteric, and other aspects of knowledge as exoteric?
  9. What is the relationship between
    1. The ten planetary schemes?
    2. The seven sacred planets?
    3. The seven globes in a chain?
    4. The seven rounds in a globe?
    5. The seven root races and the subraces?

When we have endeavored to answer in brief and concise fashion these nine questions, and have grasped, through their replies, something of the purpose lying behind the evolution of the consciousness of the Son (with all that is included in that expression) we shall be in a position to go more intelligently into a consideration of the plan, and to grasp more accurately the immediate stage ahead to be attained, working from our present standpoint as a basis.

We must ever remember that a curious interest and a farseeing grasp of the plan of the Logos is of no importance to a man unless he correlates the present with that which he believes to lie in the future, unless he ascertains the point achieved, and realizes wherein consists the work immediately to be undertaken in this gradual process of attaining full consciousness.

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