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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Introductory Questions
2. Its Nature and Duality

In terms of quality what have we? Active intelligence at one with will or power produces that "Son of necessity" (as H. P. B. expresses it - S. D., I, 74) Who embodies intelligence, will or desire, and their united latent demonstration, love-wisdom.

In terms of Fire how might we express an analogous thought? The fire latent in matter - itself a product of an earlier manifestation of the same cosmic Identity, or the relatively perfected quality worked out by Him in a previous cosmic incarnation - is set in motion again by the desire of that same Identity to circle once more the wheel of rebirth. That "fire by friction" produces heat and radiation and calls forth a reaction from its [241] opposite "electric fire" or spirit. Here we have the thought of the Ray striking through matter, for the action of electric fire is ever forward, as earlier suggested. The one Ray "electric fire" drops into matter. This is the systemic marriage of the Father and the Mother. The result is the blending of these two fires, and their united production of that expression of fire which we call "solar fire." Thus is produced the Son. Active Intelligence and Will are united and love-wisdom, when perfected through evolution, will be the outcome.

Electric fire or Spirit, united to fire by friction (heat) produces solar fire or light. Hence, when the cosmic Entity takes form, there is added to the active intelligence which is the product of His earlier incarnation, a further quality, which is inherent and potential, that of love-wisdom. This is the ability to love that which is objective or the not-self, and ultimately to use with wisdom the form. Pure will is as yet an abstraction, and will only be brought into full development in another incarnation of the Logos. Mind or Intelligence is not an abstraction; it is something that IS. Neither is love-wisdom an abstraction. It is in process of development or bringing into manifestation, and is the aspect of the Son.

What is above stated is in no way new, but these thoughts on essential duality are gathered together, in order to convey to our minds the necessity of viewing these things from the standpoint of their place in the cosmic scheme, and not from the point of view of our own planetary evolution and of man himself. Humanity is that evolution through which the Son aspect is to express itself most perfectly in this cosmic incarnation. Man blends the pairs of opposites, and the three fires meet in him. He is the best expression of the manasic principle and might be considered, from one very interesting [242] standpoint, the chef-d'oeuvre of Brahma. He is the sheath for the life of God; he is the individualized consciousness of the Logos, manifesting through the seven divine Manasaputras, or Heavenly Men, in Whose bodies each unit of the human family finds place. He is the Vishnu aspect in process of development through the intelligence of Brahma, impelled by the will of Mahadeva. Therefore, in a peculiar sense man is very important, as he is the place of at-one-ment for all the three aspects; nevertheless, he is very unimportant for he is not the apex of the triangle, but simply the middle point, if we view the triangle thus:

  • Spirit - Father.
  • The Son or man.
  • Matter - Mother.

The evolution of the Son, or the cosmic incarnation of the Christ, is of immense importance in the plans of the Being greater than the solar Logos, HE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID. The animating principles of allied constellations and systems watch the progress of the evolution of the Son with keenest attention.

Just as the planet called the earth is regarded as the turning point or the battleground between Spirit and matter, and is therefore, from that very consideration, of great importance, so our solar system holds an analogous place in the cosmic scheme. The cosmic man, the solar Arjuna, is wrestling for His individualized perfected self-consciousness, and for freedom and liberation from the form, and from the not-self. So man on this planet battles for similar ideals on his tiny scale; so battle in heaven Michael and His Angels, or the divine Heavenly Men, Whose problem is the same on the higher scale.

Duality, and the interplay between the two produces: [243]

  1. Objectivity, or the manifested Son or Sun.
  2. Evolution itself.
  3. The development of quality.
  4. Time and space.

The questions we are now engaged in answering embody certain fundamental aspects of manifestation, viewed principally from the subjective or psychic angle.

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