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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Introductory Questions
Therefore we have:
  • Monad, the microcosmic absolute.
    Pure Spirit.
    The one and only.
  • The monadic trinity.
    First aspect - Atma or spiritual will.
    Second aspect - Buddhi, the Christ principle.
    Third aspect - Manas, or higher mind.
  • The Son aspect in objectivity.
    The body egoic or causal body.
  • The lower quaternary.
    1. The mental body.
    2. The astral or emotional body. 8
    3. Prana, or vital energy.
    4. Etheric body.

The microcosm reproduces the solar system in miniature. The above deals with the objective forms, corresponding to the sun and the seven sacred planets. But the exoteric form is paralleled by a psychic development which we call the seven principles. Man develops seven principles, which might be enumerated as follows:

Microcosmic Principles 9

Two higher principles:

  1. Active intelligence.
  2. Latent love-wisdom. [263]

(The psychic nature of the Monad is twofold.)

  1. The principle of atma. Spiritual nature. Will.
  2. The principle of buddhi. Love nature. Wisdom.
  3. The principle of manas. Intelligence nature, Activity.

Note here that the three principles in terms of the Triad with the two synthesizing principles on the plane of the Monad, make five principles and give the key to H.P.B.'s numbering in certain places. We might express it thus:

  1. The Absolute - The Monad.
  2. 1. Prakriti - Active intelligence. The Divine Manasaputra.
    2. Purusha - Love-Wisdom. The Vishnu aspect.

    On the plane of objectivity - The Triad:

  3. 3. Atma.
    4. Buddhi.
    5. Manas.

8 Kama-manas - That blending of the mental and desire element that forms the personality or common brain-intelligence of the man.

"The energies that express themselves through the lower kinds of mental matter are so changed by it into slower vibrations that are responded to by astral matter that the two bodies are continually vibrating together, and become very closely interwoven."
- The Ancient Wisdom by Mrs. Besant

9 Principles:

  1. "There are two main cosmic principles in nature:
    1. Active and passive, male and female. - S. D., II, 556. I, 46.
    2. Buddhi and mahat. See also S. D., I, 357. II, 649. III, 273.
  2. These higher principles united produce the three and the seven. - S. D., I, 46.
    1. They are called the three Rays of Essence and the four Aspects. - S. D., I, 147.
    2. They can be called the three Vehicles with their three Aspects and Atma. - S. D., I, 182.
    3. They are also called the three-tongued Flame of the Four Wicks, - S. D., I, 257.
      This is true cosmically and humanly.
      • The Principles of the Logos - the seven Planetary Logoi. - S. D., I, 358, 365.
      • The Principles of the planetary Logos - The vehicle called a chain. - S. D., I, 194, 196. II, 626.
      • The Principles of man - The different vehicles.
        Note also: - S. D., I, 176, 177. II, 630, 631. I, 189.
        Summation: - S. D., III, 475.
  3. Cosmic Ideation, focused in a principle results as the consciousness of the individual. - S. D., I, 351.
    1. Appropriation by the individual of a vehicle produces a display of energy of any particular plane. This energy will be of a peculiar color and quality, according to the plane involved.
  4. The seven principles are the manifestation of the one Flame. - S. D., I, 45. III, 374.
    Note also the function of the Gods in furnishing man with his principles. - S. D., I. 308.
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