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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Introductory Questions
An atom revolves upon its axis. In its revolution it comes within the field of activity of other atoms. These it either attracts and swings into its own field of operation, or it repulses and drives them outside its range of activity, causing separation. One thing to be borne in mind in the concept of mutual attraction is the preservation of identity in cohesion.

A human being in objective manifestation likewise revolves upon his axis, or around his central point, his mainspring of animation; this brings him within the range of activity of other men, other human atoms. This similarly either tends to cooperation or cohesion, or to separation or repulsion. Again it must be borne in mind that even in cohesion identity is preserved. [280]

A Heavenly Man, through the form of a planetary chain, similarly revolves upon His axis, and a like phenomenon may be observed. A planet repulses a planet similarly charged, for it is a known law that like particles repel each other, but occultly it is a known law that they will eventually attract each other as the vibration becomes sufficiently strong. A negative planet will be attracted by a positive, and so on through all forms. This is the manifestation of SEX in substance of every kind, from the tiny atom in the body to the vast planetary chains, and this is the basis of activity. Radiatory activity is simply the interplay between male and female, and this can be seen in the physical atom of the scientist, among men and women, and in the vaster atom of a solar system as it vibrates with its cosmic opposite.

We might, therefore, consider time as that process of activity, or that progression in development, wherein the indwelling Consciousness is seeking its opposite, and coming under the Law of Attraction, which leads to atomic, human, planetary, spiritual, solar and cosmic marriage. This idea is comparatively simple in relation to a human being, and can be seen in daily demonstration in his contacts with other men; these contacts are governed, for instance, very largely by his likes and dislikes. All these attractions and repulsions are under law, and their cause exists in form itself. The emotion of like or of dislike is nothing else but the realization by the conscious entity of the swinging into his magnetic radius of an atomic form which he is led, by the very law of his own being, to either attract or repulse. Only when the form is transcended, and Spirit seeks out Spirit, will the phenomena of repulsion cease. This will be the inevitable finale at the cessation of solar evolution, and it will bring about pralaya. The duration of the interplay, the period of the search of Spirit for Spirit, and [281] the vibratory process necessitated by the utilization of the form, this we call Time, whether in connection with a man, a planetary Logos, or the Deity.

Space, again, is included in the idea of consciousness, and its utilization of matter. Space, for the Logos, is literally the form wherein His conscious activities and purposes are worked out - the solar ring-pass-not. The space wherein a planetary Logos works out His plans is similarly as much of solar space as His consciousness is developed enough to use. Man again repeats the process and his ring-pass-not is included in the radius of his consciousness, and may be very circumscribed as in the case of the little evolved, or may be inclusive of a portion of planetary space of great extent, and even in the case of the very highly evolved may begin to touch the periphery of the sphere of influence of the planetary Logos in Whose body he is a cell.

Space for the atom (for instance, the atom in the physical body of man) will be the radius of the form in which is found the greater center of consciousness of which it is a part and it will be both attracted and repulsed - attracted and built into the form of the greater Life, yet repulsed and thereby prevented from moving from a certain point within that form.

We have here dealt a little with time and space in their relation to a specific center of consciousness; we have seen that they are simply forms of ideas to express the cyclic activity of an entity. The subject is exceedingly abstruse, due to the low stage of the human intelligence, which is as yet so occupied with the objective or material side of manifestation that the attraction existing between Spirit and Spirit is little more than a concept. When more of the human family have their center of consciousness in the Ego and hence are busy with the work of repulsing matter, and with the withdrawal of [282] Spirit from form, then only will the transmutative process be comprehended, then only will time (as known in the three worlds) be transcended, and then only will space (as manifested to man through the three lower planes or the eighteen subplanes) be found to be a barrier. This same statement can be predicated of the seven Logoi and of the solar Logos, extending the idea to other planes, solar and cosmic. So also can it be narrowed down to the subhuman, and to the involutionary lives, remembering ever that as the consciousness is more confined and restricted so inertia, lack of response, and limitation of radiation will be seen.

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