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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division A - Manas or Mind and its Nature
It should here be carefully borne in mind that we are dealing with electrical matter, and are therefore concerned with cosmic etheric substance; all matter in the system is necessarily etheric. We are consequently dealing literally with physical phenomena on all planes of [315] the system. In time and space we are concerned with units of different polarity which - during the evolutionary process - seek union, balance, equilibrium or synthesis, and eventually find it. This electrical interplay between two units causes that which we call light, and thereby objectivity. During evolution this demonstrates as heat and magnetic interaction and is the source of all vital growth; at the achievement of the desired goal, at union, or at-one-ment, two things occur:
  • First, the approximation of the two poles, or their blending, causes a blazing forth, or radiant light.
  • Second, obscuration, or the final disintegration of matter owing to intense heat.

This can be seen in connection with man, a Heavenly Man and a solar Logos, and their bodies of objectivity. In man this polarity is achieved, the three different types of electrical phenomena are demonstrated, and the light blazes forth, irradiating the causal body, and lighting up the entire sutratma, or thread (literally the Path) which connects the causal vehicle with the physical brain. Then disintegration or destruction ensues; the causal body vanishes in a blaze of electrical fire, and the real "man" or self is abstracted from the three world-bodies. So will it be seen in the body of a Heavenly Man, a planetary scheme, and so likewise in the body of the Logos, a solar system.

The difficulty in apprehending these thoughts is great, for we are necessarily handicapped by lack of adequate terms, but the main ideas only are those I seek to deal with, and the one we are primarily concerned with in this division is the electrical manifestation of magnetism, just as earlier we dealt cursorily with the same electrical phenomena, manifesting as the activity of matter.

Therefore you have: [316]

  1. Activity - electrical manifestation of matter.
  2. Magnetism - electrical manifestation of form.
  3. Vitality - electrical manifestation of existence.

This is literally (as pointed out by H. P. B. - S. D., I 567. II, 258.) fire by friction, solar fire, and electric fire.

Fire by friction is electricity animating the atoms of matter, or the substance of the solar system, and resulting in:

  • The spheroidal form of all manifestation.
  • The innate heat of all spheres.
  • Differentiation of all atoms one from another.

Solar fire is electricity animating forms or congeries of atoms, and resulting in:

  • Coherent groups.
  • The radiation from all groups, or the magnetic interaction of these groups.
  • The synthesis of form.

Electric fire is electricity demonstrating as vitality or the will-to-be of some Entity, and manifests as:

  • Abstract Being.
  • Darkness.
  • Unity.
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