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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Div. B - Manas as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor
Five stages of activity mark the development and utilization of the mind principle; there are three stages of acquisition, and two wherein that which has been acquired is used. This is too intricate a calculation for us to enter into it here, and it cannot be undertaken except by an initiate, for it involves ability to study the cycles of the earlier solar system, but it might be noted that (judging from the microcosm on the earth planet) this is just what might be expected. Man developed manas in this round during the third, fourth and fifth root-races, and utilizes it for the development of the intuition and of the higher consciousness during the sixth and seventh. During an incarnation by a planetary Logos in a chain, during one round He demonstrates through His seven centers or globes manas on three globes, and utilizes it for specific purposes on the final two. This is a lesser cycle to that in which we view the seven chains as His seven centers. These words are chosen with care; I say not "acquires manas"; He but produces that which is inherent. It must be remembered that just as the planes of a solar system stand for a different purpose, vibrate to a different key, and serve their own specific ends, so do the globes serve an analogous function.
  1. Globe 1, is that of ultimate abstraction, and of origination. It is the initial globe of manifestation [377]
  2. Globe 2, is the first sheath in which a Heavenly Man embodies Himself.
  3. Globes 3, 4, 5, are those through which He demonstrates the possession of the manasic principle.
  4. Globes 6 and 7, are the ones through which He manifests buddhi, through forms built by means of the manasic principle.

This can be equally predicated on a larger scale of a chain.

An interesting correspondence of a very occult nature can be worked out by the advanced student in connection also with the seven schemes. There are two which may be considered primarily archetypal, causal, or involving abstraction; three in which manas is manifested, and two in which already buddhi is manasically demonstrating. Of these two, Venus is one and thus we have the three and the two which make the five schemes of the five Kumaras, Who are Brahma. 36

Just as Venus is negatively polarized to our Earth scheme, so the seven stars of the Pleiades are negatively polarized to our seven schemes.

A very pertinent question might here be asked. We might justly enquire (in connection with the point that Venus is negatively polarized, and also that the Pleiades are equally so) why they should be termed negative if they are the donors and not the receivers, for to be negative is surely to be receptive. This is indeed so, but the question arises in our minds, owing to lack of information, and consequent misapprehension. Venus may have had much to do with the impartation of the stimulation which resulted in great events on Earth via the Venus chain of our scheme, but our scheme gave, in a mysterious manner, more than was received, though the [378] gift was not of the same nature. The coming in of the Venusian influence to our chain, and to our planet, with the subsequent stimulation of certain groups in the fourth Creative Hierarchy, the human, caused a paralleling event of even greater magnitude in the Venus scheme. This affected the sixth Hierarchy, one of the deva Hierarchies, dwelling in the Venus scheme. This stimulation emanated via our sixth chain (or the second according to the angle of vision) and affected a corresponding chain in the Venus scheme. The magnitude of the difference may be seen in the fact that in our case one globe alone was affected, whereas the influence of our scheme on the Venusian was such that an entire chain was stimulated. This was brought about through the positive polarity of the Heavenly Man of the Earth scheme.

Therefore, enlarging the concept, we can note the fact that our Heavenly Men are the transmitters, via their seven schemes, to the seven stars of the Pleiades. Our solar system is negatively polarized as regards the sun Sirius, which influences our entire system psychically via the three synthesizing schemes - Uranus, Neptune, Saturn - the latter, Saturn, being the focal point for the transmission of cosmic manas to the entire seven schemes.

36 Students must carefully differentiate between the five Mind born Sons of Brahma, the five true Kumaras and their representatives on our earth planet, Those Who stand around Sanat Kumara Who may be stated (esoterically understood) to represent Himself.

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