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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Div. B - Manas as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor
Relation. Another outstanding feature that is the result of our studies is that of relation. The realization of this in future years will lead to the study of the different polarities of the different spheres (from a planetary scheme to an atom) within the solar ring-pass-not, and of the relation existing between:
  1. A scheme and the totality of schemes.
  2. Scheme and scheme.
  3. Chain and chain.
  4. Globe and globe.
  5. Group and group.
  6. Subdivision and subdivision.
  7. Unit and unit. 45
  8. Cell and cell.

The interrelation of all these factors and their profound interdependence is one of the most important points for us to grasp; though this whole relation is governed by the law of Attraction and Repulsion, and [411] therefore comes more under what we call the second aspect, yet self consciousness itself is the result of the manasic principle, and the close cooperation between these two factors of mind and love-wisdom, or the two laws of Attraction and Synthesis, must ever be carefully remembered.

Limitation. This is a prime factor to be borne in mind in considering a cosmos, a system, a scheme, a chain, or any form of limiting sphere down through them all to the physical atom of the scientist. It presupposes:

  1. Capacity beyond that manifested.
  2. Duality, or that which is limited and the limiting substance.
  3. Purpose, for in an ordered scheme of existence, the limitation persists just as long as it is required in order to attain certain ends. It is succeeded by "abstraction" occultly understood, and in its literal sense.

When these three factors:

  • Position,
  • Relation,
  • Limitation,

are studied within the system, the close connection of all the groups within the whole will be evidenced, and the need of each part for all other parts will be brought out.

As regards cosmic position, relation and limitation, little can be said, as e'en to the Heavenly Men Themselves the matter is obscure. That this is necessarily so must be apparent when Their place in the scheme of things is realized and Their relative unimportance is considered. Therefore, we can do no more than accept the fact of the inconceivable magnitude of that EXISTENCE which is manifesting through seven solar systems, and the extension of this concept of Being to [412] embrace the entire vault of the Heavens. It is interesting to bear in mind in this connection that all that is seen, being objective forms or Beings in manifestation through certain spheres of light, may not be all that IS, but that there may lie back of everything visible a vast realm or realms of Existences. The very brain of man reels in contemplation of such a concept. Yet just as there are tens of millions of human beings out of objective manifestation, or discarnate, on the subtler planes of the solar system, so there may be cosmic entities, in rank equal to the ONE ABOUT WHOM NAUGHT MAY BE SAID, Who are in a similar sense discarnate, and found in realms subtler than that of the manifestation of light.

45 I use the word "unit" in connection with all that is in any degree self-conscious, or individualized. It must, therefore, be remembered that this phrase refers to nothing below the human kingdom.

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