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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Div. B - Manas as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor
b. Ordered Activity

Here comes in the concept of intelligent purpose, pursuing a fixed and settled plan, and working out a preconceived ideal in time and space. The Microcosm comes into incarnation through impulse based on intelligent purpose originating in his case on the mental plane - the plane of the manasic principle. An interesting point might here be indicated. The fifth plane, the mental, may be considered on a large scale as holding, in the case of a Heavenly Man, a position symbolically analogous to that held by the causal bodies of the units on His Ray. Some causal bodies are on the third and some on the second subplanes, and the intricacy is excessive and various, producing geometrical forms allied somewhat to those portrayed upon the charts. All is ordered activity of the units (each [422] pursuing his own self-centered purpose and following the inclination of the lower self, whose slogan is "I am"). This will gradually give place to the ordered activity of the groups in which the units recognize the oneness of their self-interest, and therefore intelligently, actively, and with conscious purpose work for the good of the body corporate. The vibration which occultly accompanies the sounding of the words "I am That" by the units on the physical plane is only very faintly beginning to make itself felt. Units here and there are sounding it forth by their lives, and are thus passing on the vibration, and setting it in motion against the cruder, coarser one of "I am."

The time for the sounding of the final mantric phrase by ordered active groups lies ahead in the sixth and seventh rounds, and will not reach its full vibration in this solar system at all. "I am That" will peal forth fully consummated in this system of duality, for the third initiation sees the initiate comprehending its mantric force. Nevertheless, initiates of the sixth and seventh Initiations will not preponderate in this system. After the fifth round and the passing into temporary obscuration of two fifths of the human family, the remaining units will achieve an approximate standing as follows:

  • One fifth will mantrically sound the words "I am That I am."
  • Two fifths will achieve the fifth Initiation and will know themselves as "I am That." They will also be cultivating response to the higher note.
  • One fifth and a half will attain the third Initiation, and will know themselves as "I am That" in full consciousness.

The remaining units will be those who are treading the Path, and beginning to know themselves as the group. [423]

In reference to what has been said anent the second characteristic of manas, a very interesting development may be looked for during the coming century. This is the intensification of business organization, and the bringing (under law and order), of the entire life of:

  • Families and groups of families,
  • Cities and groups of cities,
  • Nations and groups of nations,

until the human race in every department of its exoteric life will conform to rule - this voluntarily, and with manasic realization of group need. The whole trend of mental effort during the next subraces will be towards the synthesis of endeavor, thus ensuring the good of the corporate body involved. Many interesting events will occur and many experiments will necessarily be made (some to prove successful and some failures), before manas, or purposeful, ordered, intelligent activity, will control in the life of the peoples of this world. It is not possible to enter into this in greater detail, as the subject is too vast.

Let us now take the third attribute of manas and its future demonstration.

c. Adaptability

This is, as we know, the prime attribute ascribed to the third Ray, or the Brahma aspect. Therefore, fundamentally it may be considered as the attribute of intelligence which adapts the matter aspect to the Spirit aspect, and is a characteristic inherent in matter itself. It works under the two laws of Economy, and of Attraction and Repulsion; the work of the Mahachohan being primarily along this line. Consequently the four lesser Rays of Attribute which are synthesized into the third Ray of Aspect, Adaptability, or Active Intelligence, are fundamentally concerned, and the future of manas is therefore involved in the growing influence of these four Rays: [424]

  1. Harmony, Beauty, Art or Unity.
  2. Concrete Science or Knowledge.
  3. Abstract Idealism.
  4. Ceremonial Magic.
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