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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Div. B - Manas as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor
Religious students will study the side of manifestation we call the "life side" just as the scientist studies that called "matter," and both will come to a realization of the close relation existing between the two, and thus the old gap and the ancient warfare between science and religion will be in temporary abeyance. Definite methods of demonstrating the fact that life persists after the death of the physical body will be followed, and the etheric web will be recognized as a factor in the case. The connection between the different planes will be sought, and the analogy between the fourth etheric subplane and the fourth or buddhic plane (the fourth cosmic ether) will be studied, for it will be realized that the life of those Entities, Whom we recognize as the planetary Logoi, pours [430] through our scheme from the fourth cosmic plane, the cosmic buddhic, and thus in a very special sense through all lesser correspondences. The alignment will be as follows:
  1. The fourth cosmic plane, the cosmic buddhic.
  2. The fourth cosmic ether, the fourth plane of the system, the buddhic.
  3. The fourth etheric subplane of our physical plane.

There is thus a line of least resistance from the planes of the cosmos, producing a special activity in connection with the Heavenly Men, demonstrating on Their Own plane, and sequentially in connection with the units in Their bodies on lower levels. Lines of force, extending from our scheme extra-systemically, will be a recognized fact, and will be interpreted by scientists in terms of electrical phenomena, and by the religious man in terms of life, - the life force of certain Entities.

Philosophic students will endeavor simultaneously to link these two schools of thought, and to demonstrate the factor of the intelligent adaptation of the electrical phenomena which we call matter, - of that energized active material we call substance, - to the life purpose of a cosmic Being. In these three lines of thought, therefore, - scientific, religious, and philosophic, - we have the beginning of the conscious building, or construction of the antahkarana of that group which we call the fifth root-race.

On the fourth subplane of the astral plane, a similar activity will be noted as in process. The inflowing force will cause an astral stimulation in the bodies of many of the human family who are still on that subplane, and will bring about an awakening of the desire for harmony in a new manner. This will work out relatively well in the sixth subrace. It should be remembered that numbers of the old Atlanteans (fourth root-race men) will respond to [431] the stimulation and will find their way into incarnation at that time, for the four and the six are always closely allied. We have another suggestive analogy in the fact that the devas of the fourth ether will be soon swinging into recognized utility and that in the sixth subrace the deva evolution will be exceedingly prominent. The fourth plane is the plane of at-one-ment for certain deva and human units, and certain groups (the fourth Creative Hierarchy and the sixth Deva Hierarchy) have a pronounced karma to work out together. One can now see the supreme importance of the human Hierarchy, the fourth in this sequence of planes and ideas.

  • Second Cosmic Plane - Seven Cosmic Logoi.
  • Fourth Cosmic Plane - Seven Rishis of the Great Bear.
  • Second Solar Plane - Seven Heavenly Men.
  • Fourth Solar Plane - Seven centers of the seven Heavenly Men in the fourth cosmic ether.
  • Fourth subplane of the solar physical - Seven centers of the human unit in ether of the fourth order.

The beauty of the interlocking system will be apparent, even though it may not be so immediately understandable wherein lies the relation between these complexities of entities. We must ever remember that we are considering the force or life-energy of these entities as it pours into, and works through definite, material, substantial forms.

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