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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Div. B - Manas as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor
During the coming subraces His cycle will begin to pass out, and the influence of His Brother, the fourth Logos of Harmony, will reach its zenith for this round. During the fifth round the power or electrical radiation of the fifth Logos will again be strongly felt, for it is His round, and just as He was largely responsible for the manasic stimulation of animal man in the third root-race, so in [435] the fifth round will he be instrumental in causing that great separation which we call the "Judgment." Remember in this connection that these Logoi - when pouring Their influence through a scheme or other septenary - work through Their numerical correspondence in the chains and globes. In the fifth round, for instance, the fifth chain (a center in the body of the Heavenly Man) will be the recipient of this fifth type of force and will transmit and circulate it to the other chains via their fifth globe. Until the race has further evolved the mystery lies securely hid, and the inability of man to find out the enumeration of the schemes, chains, and globes, or to discover whether they are counted from within outwards, or vice versa, conceals that which must be bid.

The influence of this fifth Logos will be felt very considerably now on the fifth subplane of all the planes, specially in the three worlds of human endeavor, and as we are here dealing with man we can count from what is erroneously termed "the bottom up." Therefore, the mental unit of men in this fifth subrace will receive increased stimulation, enabling man to vibrate on the fifth subplane which literally is the third subplane on the abstract level of the mental plane, on which the causal body is found. The fifth spirilla will, consequently, become active and the electrical force, or the fohatic current, will pour through it, and enable those men who are at the right stage to utilize this force in order to take the first initiation.

As this fifth influence becomes more and more felt, its effects will be seen on the astral plane in an intelligent conscious control which will be based not so much on the desire for harmony as on a desire for a scientific, intelligent manipulation of astral matter. When this is the case, the higher psychism will begin to make itself felt. On the physical plane a great deal of interesting electrical phenomena will be seen, and the opportunity of the [436] Manu to separate races, to segregate types, and to submerge and detach continents will be great. This is the ray of separative force, and its place, as a factor in the erection and destruction of forms, is very interesting.

It may be asked wherein this can all be interpreted in terms of fire, and thus the integrity of the thought-form of this book be preserved. Whenever the words influence, radiation, or the power of a ray, are used, we are dealing inferentially with electrical phenomena, or with energy of some kind. This energy, or electrical manifestation, this "mystery of electricity" to which H. P. B. refers, (S. D., I, 107) is the foundation of all manifestations, and lies back of all evolution. It produces light in ever-growing brilliancy; it builds and moulds the form to the need of the indwelling Entity; it brings about coherence and group activity; it is the warmth that causes all growth, and that fosters not only the manifestations of the vegetable and animal kingdoms but induces interaction between the human units, and lies behind all human relationships. It is magnetism, radiation, attraction and repulsion, life, death, and all things; it is conscious purpose and essential will in objective manifestation, and he who has solved what lies back of electrical phenomena has solved not only the secret of his own Being, but knows his place within his greater sphere, a planetary Logos, is conscious of the Identity of that cosmic Existence we call a solar Logos, and realizes somewhat the place of our system and its electrical relationship with the seven constellations.

We have now to deal with the influence of a force that is waning and passing out of dominance, that of the sixth Ray of Devotion or Idealism. It will not be possible to predicate much anent it, beyond pointing out certain general ideas which may be of value in the contemplation of Ray cycles in general. [437]

These Ray influences work through their focal points in all cases (macrocosmic and microcosmic) and these are the etheric centers. The centers, in the case of all Beings, are ever seven in number, and are composed of deva and human units in group activity, or of force vortices which contain in latency, and hold in ordered activity, cells with the potentiality of human manifestation. Forget not the occult truism that all forms of existence pass at one stage of their career through the human kingdom.

Cosmic, or extra-systemic rays, impinge upon or circulate via centers found on the second cosmic ether, but which, at the present stage of objectivity, become systemically visible in the fourth cosmic ether, the buddhic.

One permanent cosmic Ray is the ray of our Logos Himself, and the subrays of this ray permeate His entire system. Six other cosmic Rays, animating other systems, influence ours, finding their reflections in the subrays of our logoic Ray. To these six cosmic influences our Heavenly Men respond. They absorb the influence, being centers in the body logoic, pass it through Their schemes, circulate it through Their own centers (chains), and transmit it on to other schemes, coloring it with Their Own peculiar shade and qualifying it by Their own peculiar tone or note. The whole system of ray influence, or radiatory warmth, considered both physically and psychically, is one of an intricate circulation and interaction. The radiation or vibration passes in ordered cycles from its originating source, the One Ray, or systemic Logos, to the different centers in His body. Viewed from the physical standpoint this ray force is the energizing factor in matter. Viewed from the psychical point of view it is the qualitative faculty. From scheme to scheme, from chain to chain, and from globe to globe, this force or quality passes and circulates, both adding, and at the same time abstracting, and returns to its focal point with two noticeable differences: [438]

  1. The radiatory heat is intensified.
  2. The qualitative character or color is increased.

The effect on the form side is equally noticeable, and the warmth or quality of a Ray not only affects the psyche of a man, a planetary Logos, and a solar Logos, but has a definite effect on material substance itself.

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