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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Div. B - Manas as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor
We might consider the effect of this incoming force along three lines:
  • First. The type of force, or the logoic quality, with its function and aim.
  • Second. Its work in relation to:
    1. The animal kingdom.
    2. The human kingdom.
    3. The deva kingdom.
  • Third. The results to be looked for during the coming centuries.

The type of force, or the nature of the Heavenly Man of the seventh Ray, is fundamentally constructive. It will be necessary here to touch somewhat upon His character and His place in the logoic scheme, calling attention to the need of refraining from personalization and externalization. The Heavenly Man of the scheme in which the Ray of Ceremonial Magic is embodied is one of the main transmitters of radiation from the Sun to the system and has a close connection with logoic kundalini. Herein lies a hint. The Raja-Lord of the etheric levels of the physical plane works in close alliance with Him and this will be apparent if we bear in mind that the Lord of a plane is its embodied activity. He is the energizing force that expresses itself as a unified Identity in the matter of a plane, and we might therefore get some idea of the coherency of Their mutual work if we bear in mind that

  • The Raja-Lord of a plane is the sum total of the substance of that plane.
  • The planetary Logos Who is most closely connected with any particular plane is its quality and coloring.

By the united action and work of these two Entities all is accomplished - the Lord of the Builders constructing [443] the forms which the Lord of Life utilizes to develop consciousness within.

The force or vibration of any Ray might be summed up as:

  1. The intelligent purpose of an Entity, a planetary Logos.
  2. His life energy working in, through, and upon His body of manifestation.
  3. His magnetic radiation as it affects (though in lesser degree) His Brothers in manifestation.
  4. His peculiar coloring or quality, His main psychological aspect, demonstrating through His own activities within His own scheme.
  5. The effect of the same as it influences His Brothers within the body corporate of the solar Logos.
  6. His life force as it radiates beyond His own periphery as active energy and stimulating activity - being literally one of the aspects of Fohat. The activity aspect of a Heavenly Man is as much an aspect of Fohat as Brahma is the sumtotal of Fohat. The Heavenly Men are, by virtue of physical manifestation, Fohat and His Brothers.

When this is borne in mind it will be seen that each of the planetary Logoi, equally with a solar Logos, and with Their reflections, human beings, demonstrate through the aspects.

In their totality all these are the expression of the incarnating Logos; in the one case His fohatic energy builds the kingdoms of nature, giving them Body; in the other He gives them their psychical value, and finally through them all He demonstrates as Existence or Being.

Similar tables can be worked out for a Heavenly Man and a human being, laying the emphasis always upon the development of the middle or psychic aspect. [444]

The Aspects and Evolution (Tabulation III)
Aspect Manifestation Objectiviely Subjectively Evolutionary Aspect
Activity The seven brothers. Seven etheric centers. Seven types of force. Involution and evolution of the kingdoms of nature.
Sumtotal: Fire by friction.
The mother.
The Brahma or matter aspect.
Dragon of Wisdom
Seven Heavenly Men. Seven schemes. Seven rays. Seven types of deva and human monads.
Sumtotal: Solar fire.
Vishnu aspect.
Subjectivity or the psyche.
The Son in manifestation.
Will Seven Cosmic Entities. Seven heavenly men. Seven qualities. Seven hierarchies.
Sumtotal: Electric Fire,
the one Life.
With these thoughts in mind it should be possible to [445] see more clearly what the coming in of a Ray, such as the present one, or its passing out, may involve. In the particular case under discussion, we have the coming in of a Ray that is intimately connected with the plane of manifestation, the physical plane, which is (within the greater cycle) responsible for man's very existence, and the source of his future hope.

This seventh Ray (fifth) ever manifests in a period of transition from one kingdom to another, and this holds hid the mystery of the particular form of service of its planetary Logos. He governs the processes of:

  • Transmutation
  • Incarnation
  • Transference.

In these three words His life-work is summed up; in these three words is embodied the nature of this great Entity, Who presides over the processes of blending and merging and adaptation; Who, through His knowledge of cosmic Sound, guides the life forces of certain solar and lunar entities from form to form, and is the link between the soul awaiting incarnation, and its body of manifestation. This is equally true whether we are considering the incarnation of a man, of a group, of an idea, or of all entities of lesser grade to the solar Being Who manifests through a globe, or the regent of the globe under the planetary Logos. All entities of higher rank than this great evolutionary Being come into incarnation through the linking work of an extra-systemic Being. In all periods of the transference of the life from

  • System to system,
  • Scheme to scheme,
  • Chain to chain,

this cosmic Deity pours forth His power and influence. In all periods of lesser transition of the life from [446]

  • Globe to globe,
  • Plane to plane,
  • Kingdom of nature to another kingdom,

the Lord of the seventh Ray plays a similar part.

Herein lies the reason for His inflowing force at this time, for a profound movement is in order of accomplishment, and a transference is in progress which calls for His particular type of energy. A transference is being effected of certain groups of human and deva Monads out of the human kingdom into the fifth or spiritual kingdom. During His cycle of close on two thousand five hundred years, a specific number of men will pass on to the Path of Initiation, and take at least the first Initiation, thus transferring their centers of consciousness out of the purely human into the early stages of the spiritual.

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