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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Div. B - Manas as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor
We must keep closely in mind (as we take up this matter of the incoming Ray and the effects to be looked for from its influence) that We are only considering the mind [453] aspect in the three evolutions. I do not purpose to say much anent human development as much has been already hinted at in the preceding pages, and a hint suffices for the true student, but it may be possible to state in broad outline the coming developments and to tabulate the results to be expected. Suggestions only are possible.

Development of etheric vision universally. This will be due to two causes:

  • First, the scientific recognition of the existence of the etheric levels, thereby freeing people from the onus of adverse public opinion, and enabling them to reveal what they have individually long realized. Etheric vision is comparatively common even now. But comment concerning it is rare, owing to the fear of criticism.
  • Secondly, the increased activity of the devas of the ethers, which throws the matter of the etheric levels into more active vibration, with consequent reflex action on the eye of man.

Increased mental activity and the spread of education (of the concrete mental kind) everywhere. This will result in:

  • Increased competition between units and between groups.
  • The organization of business on lines hitherto undreamt of.
  • The foundation of groups and aggregations of groups whose sole purpose will be to synthesize all the lines of human endeavor, and thus bring about unification of effort, and economy of force in the scientific, business, philosophic, educational, and religious worlds.
  • The foundation of schools of medicine along new lines, whose purpose will be to study the etheric body, its relation to the dense physical body, and its function [454] as the receiver, storer, and transmitter of the vital fluids of the system.

The foundation of the new Church, which will be no longer along devotional and idealistic lines but which will be an outgrowth of the old idealism, demonstrating through mental forms. It will have for its basis the scientific recognition of the unseen world and its due appreciation and apprehension by means of accurate scientific ceremonial. This ceremonial of the universal church - being founded on the mental unity of all peoples - will not be ceremonial as it is now understood, as it will be the guarded, guided, scientific utilization of sound and color to bring about certain desired ends, such as

  • The aligning of the Ego,
  • The influencing of groups,
  • The making of contact with the Occult Hierarchy,
  • The cooperation with the devas in order to further the constructive ends of evolution,

and many other objects which will grow out of the scientific comprehension of the constitution of man, the nature of vibration or radioactivity, and the demonstrated reality of the hitherto metaphysical hypothesis and religious dogma of the unseen world of thought and of spiritual existence.

Increased facility in approaching the Path. This will be based on the fact that so many of the then existent humanity will have personal knowledge of the ruling powers and forces, will perhaps be on the Probationary Path, or will be initiates of the first degree. Thus the present skepticism will become non-existent. The dangers then will be along other lines, - those incident to the very influence of this ray itself: the dangers of crystallization into form so that the true spiritual devotee may become rare, and the scientific aspirant will take his place. [455]

The true occultist is a scientist and a devotee, and where these two are not merged, we have the mystic and the man in danger of black magic, being governed by the intellect and not by selflessness; there are dangers incident also upon contact with the deva evolution and the knowledge of the powers and forces made available through their agency.

The coming into incarnation of numbers of old magicians and occultists, and the rapid growth therefore of recognized psychic powers among the people. This psychism, being tinged with mentality and not being of a purely astral quality, will be even more dangerous than in Atlantean days, for back of it will be some degree of will, conscious purpose, and intellectual apprehension, and unless this is paralleled by the growth of spiritual realization, and by the steady grip of the Ego upon the lower personality, a period of real danger may ensue. Hence the need of pointing out and of realizing the menace, so that the truth of the inner life and the need of serving the race as an essential to advancement may be proclaimed far and wide.

Paralleling the incoming of this large band of seventh Ray magicians (some linked to the Brotherhood and some to the purely manasic groups) is the proposed advent of certain members of the Hierarchy (initiates below the fourth Initiation) and of certain disciples and probationers, all on this Ray and all true psychics, who hope through their endeavors to offset the vibrations, and ward off the menace incident to the advent of the other group. The arranging of this and the preparing of the way for them in the different countries, specially in Europe and North America, is occupying the attention at this time of the Master R - and the Master H - . 52

A group of scientists will come into incarnation on the [456] physical plane during the next seventy-five years who will be the medium for the revelation of the next three truths concerning electrical phenomena. A formula of truth concerning this aspect of manifestation was prepared by initiates on the fifth Ray at the close of the last century, being part of the usual attempt of the Hierarchy to promote evolutionary development at the close of every cycle of one hundred years. Certain parts (two fifths) of that formula have worked out through the achievements of such men as Edison and those who participate in his type of endeavor, and through the work of those who have dealt with the subject of radium and radioactivity. Three more parts of the same formula have still to come, and will embody all that it is possible or safe for man to know anent the physical plane manifestation of electricity during the fifth subrace.

All that we have here considered covers the time till the coming in of the new subrace. This race will summarize and carry to a temporary conclusion the manasic effort of the fifth root-race of mental growth, and will cause results of stupendous import. During the sixth subrace, the emphasis will not be so much on the development of mind, as it will be on the utilization of the concrete mind, and its acquired faculty, for the development of the powers of abstract thought. Perhaps too much importance has been attached to the statement of some occult writers that the sixth subrace will be intuitive. The intuition will be awakening, and will be more prominent than now, but the outstanding characteristic will be the ability of the units of the sixth subrace to think in abstract terms, and to use the abstract mind. Their function will be to perfect (as far as may be in this round) [457] the group antahkarana, 53 or the link between the mental and the buddhic. This bridge will be of a usable nature during the sixth root-race in which the intuition will show real and general signs of existing. In this root-race, units only show signs here and there of real intuition, having built the necessary bridge in their individual selves. In the sixth root-race small groups will be intuitive.

It is needless to say more here anent the influence of the seventh Ray upon the sons of men. More later may be available but enough has been suggested to form the basis of useful speculation.

52 The Master R. or Rakoczi, is the Hungarian Master, living at this time in Hungary, and is the Regent of Europe and America, under the "great Brotherhood." He works through various organizations and movements including Masonry. He is one of the Masters who take pupils.

The Master H. or Hilarion, is a Cretan Master, is interested in the Spiritualistic Movement and is responsible for Light on the Path.

53 Antahkarana is the lower manas, the path of communication between the personality and the higher manas, or human soul. - H. P. Blavatsky.

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