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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Div. B - Manas as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor
The third effect of the coming in of this ray is one that may at first repel - it will cause a great destruction in the animal kingdom. During the next few hundred years many of the old animal forms will die out and become extinct. To supply the wants of man, through disease, and through causes latent in the animal kingdom itself, much destruction will be brought about. It must ever be borne in mind that a building force is likewise a destroying one, and new forms for the animal evolution are, at this time, one of the recognized needs. The immense slaughter in America is part of the working out of the plan. The inner life or fire which animates the animal groups, and which is the life expression of an Entity, will, under this seventh influence, blaze up and burn out the old, and permit the escape of the life, to newer and better forms.

Our subject for immediate consideration concerns the [466] deva evolution, and the effect of the incoming ray upon them.

The first point to be noted is that this influence at this time affects primarily the devas of the physical plane, the devas of the ethers, or of the shadows, as they are sometimes called, and not, to the same extent, the devas of the astral or mental planes. Every Ray affects in more or less degree the plane or subplane which is its numerical correspondence; the student should bear this in mind, and should therefore recollect that for all purposes of investigation at this time the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic will have a powerful influence:

  • On the seventh or physical plane, regarding it as a unit.
  • On the seventh subplane or the lowest subplane on the physical, the astral and the mental planes.
  • On the seventh or lowest human principle: prana in the etheric body.
  • On all Monads in incarnation who are seventh Ray Monads.
  • On a peculiar group of devas who are the agents, or "mediates" between magicians (either white or black) and the elemental forces. This group is occultly known as "The Mediator Seventh," and is divided into two divisions:
    1. Those working with evolutionary forces.
    2. Those working with involutionary forces.

    One group is the agent of constructive purpose, and the other of destructive. More need not be submitted anent this group as they are not easily contacted, fortunately for man, and can as yet only be reached by a particular group ritual accurately performed, - a thing as yet practically unknown. The Masons eventually will be one of the chief agents of contact, and as men are as yet not ready for such power as this will put into their hands, [467] true masonry will develop but slowly. Nevertheless, under the magnetic force of this seventh Ray, the growth of masonry is inevitably sure.

This Ray of Ceremonial Magic will consequently have a very profound effect upon the physical plane, for not only is this plane coming under its cyclic force but at all times its planetary Logos has a special effect upon it; the Raja-Lord of this plane is what is occultly termed the "Reflection in the Water of Chaos" of the planetary Logos. Hence in the matter of this plane (which is the body of the Raja-Lord) certain very definite events are occurring which - though invisible to the ordinary man - are apparent to the eye of the spiritual man or adept.

The matter of the plane becomes receptive to positive force for the feminine or deva aspect, being negative, becomes responsive to the positive energy of the Heavenly Man. This energy, finding the line of least resistance, pours into the substance of the plane, or the substantial body of the Deva Lords. Owing to the receptive condition of this body it follows certain lines and produces definitely constructive results.

Constructive results transpire in the negative etheric matter of the plane and on the four higher subplanes. On the lower three a contrary effect is produced, and the energy of the Heavenly Man will lead to the destruction of form, preparatory to the building work. The building ever originates on, and proceeds from, etheric levels. Cataclysms of a world wide nature will occur during the next one thousand years; continents will be shaken; lands will be raised and submerged, culminating in the profound material disaster which will overtake the world towards the close of the fourth branch race of the sixth subrace. This will usher in the infant sixth root-race.

The devas of the ethers, with which we are most concerned, [468] will be affected in several ways, and the results upon the other evolutions will be far-reaching. We must remember always that the devas are the qualities and attributes of matter, the active builders, who work consciously or unconsciously upon the plane. Here I would point out that all the devas of the higher levels of the mental plane, for instance, and of the systemic planes from there on to the center (the divine plane, the plane of the Logos, sometimes called Adi) cooperate consciously, and are of high rank in the system, and of position equal to all the ranks and grades of the Hierarchy from a first degree initiate up to, but not including, the Lord of the World Himself. Below these higher levels, where the concrete is touched, we have lesser grades of devas who work unconsciously, with the following exceptions, who are conscious forces and entities and of high position:

  1. The Raja-lord of a plane.
  2. Seven devas who work under Him, and are the entities who inform the matter of the seven subplanes.
  3. Fourteen representatives of the Rays, Who cycle into and out of power, according to the Ray, waxing or waning.
  4. Four devas who are the plane representatives of the four Maharajahs (the Lords of Karma) and are the focal points for karmic influence in connection with man. The four Maharajahs are the dispensers of karma to the Heavenly Men, and thus to the cells, centers, and organs of His body necessarily; but the whole system works through graded representatives; the same laws govern these agents of plane karma as govern the systemic and cosmic, and during plane manifestation they are, for instance, the only unit in form [469] permitted to pass beyond the plane ring-pass-not. All other units in manifestation on a plane have to discard the vehicle through which they function before they can pass on to subtler levels.
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