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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Div. B - Manas as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor
The second point I seek to make now is: Radiation is transmutation in process of accomplishment. Transmutation being the liberation of the essence in order that it may seek a new center, the process may be recognized as radioactivity technically understood and applied to all atomic bodies without exception.

That science has but recently become aware of radium (an example of the process of transmutation) is but the fault of science. As this is more comprehended it will be found that all radiations, such as magnetism or psychic exhalation, are but the transmuting process proceeding on a large scale. The point to be grasped here is that the transmuting process, when effective, is superficially the result of outside factors. Basically it is the result of the inner positive nucleus of force or life reaching such a terrific rate of vibration, that it eventually scatters the electrons or negative points which compose its sphere of influence, and scatters them to such a distance that the Law of Repulsion dominates. They are then no more attracted to their original center but seek another. The atomic sphere, if I might so express it, dissipates, the electrons come under the Law of Repulsion, and the central essence escapes and seeks a new sphere, occultly understood.

We must remember always that all within the solar system is dual, and is in itself both negative and positive: positive as regards its own form, but negative as regards its greater sphere. Every atom therefore is [479] both positive and negative, - it is an electron as well as an atom.

Therefore, the process of transmutation is dual and necessitates a preliminary stage of application of external factors, a fanning and care and development of the inner positive nucleus, a period of incubation or of the systematic feeding of the inner flame, and an increase of voltage. There is next a secondary stage wherein the external factors do not count so much, and wherein the inner center of energy in the atom may be left to do its own work. These factors may be applied equally to all atoms; to the mineral atoms which have occupied the attention of alchemists so much, to the atom, called man who pursues the same general procedure being governed by the same laws; and to all greater atoms, such as a Heavenly Man or a solar Logos.

The process might be tabulated as follows:

  1. The life takes primitive form.
  2. The form is subjected to outer heat.
  3. Heat, playing on the form, produces exudation and the factor of moisture supervenes.
  4. Moisture and heat perform their function in unison.
  5. Elemental lives tend all lesser lives.
  6. The devas cooperate under rule, order and sound.
  7. The internal heat of the atom increases.
  8. The heat of the atom mounts rapidly and surpasses the external heat of its environing.
  9. The atom radiates.
  10. The spheroidal wall of the atom is eventually broken down.
  11. The electrons or negative units seek a new center.
  12. The central life escapes to merge with its polar opposite becoming itself negative and seeking the positive.
  13. This is occultly obscuration, the going-out of the light temporarily, until it again emerges and blazes forth.

More detailed elucidation will not be possible here nor advisable:

It will be apparent, therefore, that it should be possible, [480] from the standpoint of each kingdom of nature, to aid the transmuting process of all lesser atoms. This is so, even though it is not recognized; it is only when the human kingdom is reached that it is possible for an entity consciously and intelligently to do two things:

  • First: aid in the transmutation of his own positive atomic center from the human into the spiritual.
  • Second: assist at the transmutation
    1. From the lower mineral forms into the higher forms.
    2. From the mineral forms into the vegetable.
    3. From vegetable forms into the animal forms.
    4. From animal forms into the human or consciously and definitely to bring about individualization.

That it is not done as yet is due to the danger of imparting the necessary knowledge. The adepts understand the transmuting process in the three worlds, and in the four kingdoms of nature, which make them a temporary esoteric three and exoteric four.

Man will eventually work with the three kingdoms but only when brotherhood is a practice and not a concept.

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