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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Div. B - Manas as a Cosmic, Systemic and Human Factor
We have seen how in this question of the transference of the life from form to form, the work proceeds under rule and order, and is effected through the cooperation of the devas in the first instance, and the application of external agents to the atom or form involved, and in the second place (involving the most important and lengthy stage of the procedure) through the subsequent reaction within the atom itself, which produces an intensification of the positive burning center, and the consequent escape (through radioactivity) of the volatile essence.

At all the different stages, the fire elementals perform their part, aided by the fire devas who are the controlling [492] agents. This is so on all the planes which primarily concern us in the three worlds - different groups of devas coming into action according to the nature of the form concerned, and the plane on which the transmutation is to take place. Electric fire passes from atom to atom according to law, and "fire by friction" responds, being the latent fire of the atom, or its negative aspect; the process is carried on through the medium of solar fire, and herein lies the secret of transmutation and its most mysterious angle. Fire by friction, the negative electricity of substance, has been for some time the subject of the attention of exoteric science, and investigation of the nature of positive electricity has become possible through the discovery of radium.

Keely, as H. P. B. hinted, (S. D., I, 172, 607-611) had gone far along this path, and knew even more than he gave out, and others have approached, or are approaching, the same objective. The next step ahead for science lies in this direction, and should concern the potential force of the atom itself, and its harnessing for the use of man. This will let loose upon earth a stupendous amount of energy. Nevertheless, it is only when the third factor is comprehended, and science admits the agency of mental fire as embodied in certain groups of devas, that the force of energy that is triple, and yet one in the three worlds, will become available for the helping of man. This lies as yet far ahead, and will only become possible towards the end of this round; and these potent forces will not be fully utilized, nor fully known till the middle of the next round. At that time, much energy will become available through the removal of all that obstructs. This is effected, in relation to man, at the Judgment separation, but it will produce results in the other kingdoms of nature also. A portion of the animal kingdom will enter into a temporary obscuration, thus releasing energy for [493] the use of the remaining percentage, and producing results such as are hinted at by the prophet of Israel (Bible, Isaiah 11:6) when he speaks of "the wolf lying down with the lamb"; his comment "a little child shall lead them" is largely the esoteric enunciation of the fact that three fifths of the human family will stand upon the Path, 'a little child' being the name applied to probationers and disciples. In the vegetable and mineral kingdoms a corresponding demonstration will ensue, but of such a nature as to be too obscure for our comprehension.

The central factor of solar fire in the work of transmutation will come to be understood through the study of the fire devas and elementals, who are fire, and who are, in themselves (essentially and through active magnetic radiation), the external heat or vibration which produces:

  • The force which plays upon the spheroidal wall of the atom.
  • The response within the atom which produces radiation or the escape of volatile essence.

Speaking cosmically, and regarding the solar system as itself a cosmic atom, we would consider that:

  • The abstractions or entities who indwell the form are "electric fire."
  • The material substance which is enclosed within the ring-pass-not viewing it as a homogeneous whole, is "fire by friction."
  • The fire devas from the cosmic mental plane (of whom Agni and Indra are the embodiers along with one whose name is not to be given) are the external agencies who carry on cosmic transmutation.

This triple statement can be applied to a scheme, a chain, or a globe also, remembering ever that in connection [494] with man the fire which is his third aspect emanates from the systemic mental.

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