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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division C - The Egoic Ray and Solar Fire
b. The Planes and Fiery Energy

It seems desirable [519] that we should here discuss the analogies on each plane, 69 with the seven subplanes, reminding the student that we are speaking of the planes as the field of evolution of a solar Logos, and not only as a field for the development of man. In the solar system we have:

First, the three higher planes, which have been rightly called the planes of the three aspects; second, the seventh logoic principle is on the first plane, and we can consider it as the impulse in physical matter which produced His body of objectivity.

On the second plane are found the seven Heavenly Men, Who are His principal centers of force. There are others, but we are not here concerned with Them. These latter have achieved a certain specific goal, and are the [520] embodiment of centers which are now quiescent or out of manifestation, the logoic kundalini having turned its attention elsewhere. Under another enumeration they make the ten of the esoteric life, and can also be enumerated as twelve, thus forming the twelve-petalled Lotus, or the heart center in the Body of the ONE ABOUT WHOM NOUGHT MAY BE SAID.

On the fourth cosmic ether the buddhic plane, are found the etheric centers of the Logos. There are to be found the esoteric planets and the Sun, viewed as the center of the buddhic principles, and from thence the Logos animates His dense physical manifestation.

Finally, on the three lower planes we have His gaseous, liquid, and dense bodies or sheaths, forming in themselves a unity in one peculiar sense; they are as much a coherent whole as the three higher planes form a unified triple expression of the three persons of the Trinity.

We have a similar analogy in the subplanes of each plane in the system, and this will become ever more apparent as man achieves a greater clarity of vision, and can consciously ascertain for himself the truth about the subjective life. Let us briefly take these planes and study the life or force manifestation on each, laying the emphasis upon the lower four, and not so much upon the planes which do not concern man so closely.

The Logoic Plane. The first, the second, and the third subplanes of the first cosmic ether respond specifically to the vibration of one of the three aspects, or to those cosmic Entities Whose influence reaches the matter of the planes from without the system altogether. On the fourth subplane comes a primary blending of the three fiery Lives, producing archetypally that force manifestation of electricity which eventually causes the blazing forth of the Sons of Light on the next plane. In this electrical connotation we have the three higher planes ever embodying the threefold Spirit aspect, the lower [521] three embodying the threefold substance aspect, and then a plane of at-one-ment whereon an approximation is made which, on the path of return, marks the moment of achievement, and the point of triumph. This is succeeded by obscuration. Hence on every plane in the solar system we have a fourth plane whereon the struggle for perfect illumination, and subsequent liberation takes place, the battle ground, the Kurukshetra. Though for man the fourth plane, the buddhic, is the place of triumph, and the goal of his endeavor, for the Heavenly Man it is the battleground, while for the solar Logos it is the burning-ground.

This differentiation of the subplanes of the systemic planes into a higher three, a lower three, and a central plane of harmony is only so from the standpoint of electrical phenomena, and not from the standpoint of either pure Spirit, or pure substance, viewed apart from each other. It concerns the mystery of electricity, and the production of light. The three higher planes concern the central Forces or Lives, the three lower concern the lesser Forces or Lives. We must bear this carefully in mind, remembering that to the occultist there is no such thing as substance, but only Force in varying degrees, only Energy of differentiated quality, only Lives emanating from different sources, each distinctive and apart, and only Consciousness producing intelligent effect through the medium of space.

I would point out that the Lord Agni shows forth His fiery life on the atomic subplane of each plane; He shows forth as solar fire on the second, third and fourth, and as 'fire by friction' on the fifth, sixth and seventh. From the point of view of the microcosm, the Spark in the Flame, man demonstrates as electric fire on the second plane, or the second cosmic ether; as solar fire on the third, fourth and the three higher subplanes of the fifth [522] plane, and as fire by friction on the lower subplanes of the fifth, on the sixth, and seventh planes.


  1. The seven systemic planes are:
    1. Divine plane (Logos) - 1st cosmic ether.
    2. Monadic plane (Monad) - 2nd cosmic ether.
    3. Spiritual plane - 3rd cosmic ether.
    4. Intuitional plane - 4th cosmic ether.
    5. Mental plane (Ego) - gaseous plane.
    6. Astral plane - liquid plane.
    7. Physical - gross.
  2. The seven differentiations in terms of fiery energy are:
    1. Plane of divine life (Father) - Sea of fire.
    2. Plane of monadic life (Son) - Akasha.
    3. Plane of atma (Holy Ghost) - Aether.
    4. Plane of buddhi, intuition (Central) - Air.
    5. Plane of mind - Fire.
    6. Plane of desire - Astral Light.
    7. Plane of physical - Ether.

    Thought - Thought-forms - Materialization.
    Microcosm - Macrocosm.

  3. Planes of logoic evolution - the seven planes.
    Planes of Son's evolution - the six planes.
    Planes of monadic evolution - the five planes.
    Planes of human evolution - the three worlds.

    Seven is the number of the totality of manifestation.
    Three is the number of consciousness.
    One is the number of Life or Spirit.

  4. Electric fire - Solar fire - Fire by friction.
    Father - Son - Holy Ghost.
    Spirit - Consciousness - Matter.
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