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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
The Factor of the Lesser Builders. Here a most interesting factor comes in upon which we shall enlarge later, when considering the elementals. The specific purpose of a thought-form is connected very closely with the type of deva essence of which it is constructed, and (in connection with man on the mental plane), with the type of elemental which he can control, and send forth as the occupier, or vitalizing agency of the thought-form. Roughly speaking, a solar Logos works only through the greater Builders, the Manasaputras in Their [564] various grades on the two higher planes of the solar system. He works through Them, and sends Them forth upon the mission of constructing, and vitalizing the systemic thought-form, with a specific purpose in view. The planetary Logoi work primarily through the Builders of the next three planes (atma-buddhi-manas), who construct and control the work of the planetary schemes. Men work through the builders of the lower mental planes, and the astral plane, for the human thought-forms are kama-manasic; the physical plane builders are swept automatically into action by the force of the currents, and energies set up in subtler matter, by the great Builders.

The [following] tabulation may make this clear.

The Building Entities (Tabulation IV)
Quality Entity Center Personality Kingdom
1. Atma Logos Head (Brain) Grand Heavenly Man Seventh Unity
2-3. Buddhi
Planetary Logos Heart and Throat Heavenly Men Sixth & Fifth Duality
4. Mental Man Solar Plexus
Base of Spine
Man Fourth Triplicity
5. Astral Animal Generative Organs Third Duality
6. Etheric Vegetable Spleen Second Transitional
7. Dense Mineral None First Unity
If the table is carefully studied, it will be seen that the fivefold earlier enumeration concerns the most important kingdoms in nature, whilst the final two are peculiarly interesting in that the mineral kingdom can in no sense be considered a principle, but simply the densest point of concretion of the abstract, and that the vegetable kingdom has a peculiar place in the economy of the system as the transmitter of the vital pranic fluid; the vegetable kingdom is definitely a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious. Here I am using these words in their broadest and most general sense. Though it is known that the mineral kingdom has a consciousness of its own, yet sensation is more distinctly recognizable in the second kingdom, and the distinction between the consciousness of the mineral and that of the animal is so vast that their respective consciousness are basically unlike. Between these stands the vegetable kingdom, approximating more generally the animal consciousness than the mineral, and having a most esoteric relationship to the deva evolution.

All these kingdoms of nature are "forms of thought"; all have body, vitality, quality and purpose, and all are [566] sent out by a greater life than their own upon a specific mission; they are sent forth by those who are self-conscious and are a blend of mind, spirit and objective form. Only the self-conscious can create, and only they are capable of purpose, of coordination, of direction and control.

Even though it may seem that much has been left unsaid, yet in due consideration of the above four points in connection with "purpose" in a thought-form, much can be worked out by the student himself.

In extending these ideas to a solar Logos, many questions of interest arise which are profitable only in so far as they expand the concept, and widen the horizon of the Thinker. The logoic purpose is not yet comprehensible to man; it does not profit him to meditate thereon, yet in the formulation of ideas, and their apprehension by thinkers may come the gradual dawning of a day of recognition, and a subsequent cooperation with that divine purpose. Let us, therefore, formulate some of these questions, leaving the future to reveal the answer:

  1. What may be the purpose of the present incarnation of the solar Logos?
  2. What is the purpose which may perhaps be working out in our own planetary scheme and what is the basic plan of our planetary Logos?
  3. Wherein does it differ from other planetary schemes?
  4. What is the purpose lying back of the relation existing between our Earth and Venus?
  5. Is the purpose of the animal kingdom, as a whole, in any way to be ascertained?
  6. What is the purpose back of the present root-race evolution? Can we realize it?
  7. What is the purpose behind the differing national forms? [567]

Let us next bring the whole idea own o a more practical basis, and formulate questions along the following lines:

  1. In what type of matter do I usually formulate thoughts?
  2. What is the psychic quality of my thought-forms?
  3. With what specific purpose do I use mental matter?
  4. Do I work in mental matter consciously or unconsciously?
  5. Do I vitalize my thought-forms with a high or a low order of entity?
  6. Do I study the laws of construction?
  7. Do I realize the power of the will to vitalize?
  8. Do I destroy thought-forms when they have accomplished their purpose by a conscious act of the will?
  9. Do I make forms which bring karmic effects, or do I build those which go to the good of the group?

Many such thoughts will arise, and in the study of thought man learns the laws of being.

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