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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
The Laws and the Planes

We might, while studying the seven laws of the solar system, take them plane by plane, showing certain things - three in all:

  1. We might study their effect as they demonstrate on the path of involution.
  2. As they manifest on the path of evolution, or return.
  3. We might also touch on the laws as they affect the human and deva organisms that evolve by means of them.

As we do this, we shall gradually get a broad general idea of how this system of ours (the thought-form of the Logos), was gradually built up, how it is controlled and held together, and how numerous and intricate are the interrelations. Certain fundamental hypotheses are assumed, which must form the background for all we would say. We must assume first that a Builder, or some Creative Mind, is working to bring about an ordered production, and is seeking to manifest through a demonstrable objective. The objective universe is but the product of some subjective mind. Next we must posit that the material for the building of this universe lay ready to the hand of the Builder, and that this material itself is the fruit of some previous system, all that is left of some past consummated product. Given, therefore, the Builder and the material, we must next accede [573] to the proposition that this Builder proceeds with His building under some definite laws that guide His choice of material, that control the form that He erects, and that indicate to Him the process to be followed in the consummating of His idea. We must not forget that three great symbols stand, in the mind of the Logos, for each of His three systems, that the whole exists for Him as a concrete thought-form, for He is learning to manipulate the matter of the cosmic mental plane on concrete levels, in the same way that man is working on the laws of thought, and on the building of thought-forms.

It is impossible to do more than sense the symbols of the systems past and present. Perhaps if we could visualize a swastika of ten arms revolving at right angles, of a radiant green color, all the ten arms emanating from a central blazing sun, we might have some idea of the thought-form that formed the basis of System I, the activity system. The basic thought-form for the second system embodies the green swastika of the first manifestation, and adds to it concentric and interlaced circles in blue, in groups of three, linked by one large circle. Both symbols are, of course, in the higher dimensions. The symbol for the next system is unknown. After grasping and conceding these three basic ideas, we can now proceed to the working out of the laws of the system on the seven planes, remembering always that these seven laws hold good on the numerically corresponding subplane on each plane. Let me briefly illustrate:

The fourth law, Magnetic Control, for instance, holds sway on the fourth subplane of each plane, in the fourth round, and in the fourth root-race specially. We shall then have the correspondence as follows:

  • 4th Law - Magnetic Control.
  • 4th Ray - Harmony or beauty.
  • 4th Plane - The buddhic. [574]
  • 4th Subplane - Buddhic Magnetic Control.
  • 4th Round - Dense Physical Magnetism, controlling sex manifestation on the physical plane, and inspired by astral desire, the reflection of the buddhic.
  • 4th Root-Race - The Atlantean, in which the above qualities specially demonstrated.
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