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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
3. The Law of Disintegration

This is the law that governs the destruction of the form in order that the indwelling life may shine forth in fullness. It is another aspect of the Law of Cohesion - the reverse side (if one might so express it), and is just as much a part of the divine plan as that of attraction. It is one of the laws that ends with the solar system, for the great laws of attraction, cohesion and love last on into that which is to come. The Law of Disintegration has its correspondence in cosmic law, but it is almost incomprehensible to us. The Law of Economy holds the key to this law. When the Monad has circled through all disintegrating forms, and has achieved the sixth Initiation, it is resolved into its primal monadic source, and the five lesser sheaths are destroyed. Later on the Monads themselves are synthesized, not disintegrated. This law controls only from the third plane, and ceases action in this particular fashion when the third plane is transcended.

This law is one of the most difficult for the race to understand. Some of its workings (those on the path of evolution), can be seen and somewhat comprehended, but on the path of involution, or of construction, the working out of the law is not so apparent to the superficial observer.

On the path of involution it controls the process of the [581] breaking up of group souls; it governs the periods when the permanent triads are transferred from one form to another; it works through the great world cataclysms, and we need to remember that it governs, not only the physical plane catastrophes (as we erroneously term them), but the corresponding cataclysms on the astral plane, and the lower levels of the mental plane. It governs physical plane disruptions, especially those affecting the mineral world; it controls the disintegration, on the astral plane, of thought-forms; it dissolves the astral vehicle when left behind, and the mental likewise. The dissipation of the etheric double is the result of its working.

Again we can correlate this law with that of Attraction, for the two interact upon each other. This law breaks up the forms, and the Law of Attraction draws back to primal sources the material of those forms, prior to rebuilding them anew.

On the path of evolution the effects of this law are well known, not only in the destruction of the discarded vehicles touched upon above, but in the breaking up of the forms in which great ideals are embodied, - the forms of political control, the forms in which nature itself evolves, apart from those in which individual consciousness manifests, the great religious thought-forms, the philanthropic concepts and all the forms which science, art, and religion take at any one particular time. All eventually break under the working of this law.

Its workings are more apparent to the average human mind in its manifestations at this time on the physical plane. We can trace the connection between the atmic and the physical plane (demonstrating on the lower plane as the law of sacrifice and death), but its effect can be seen on all the five planes as well. It is the law that destroys the final sheath that separates the perfected Jiva. It has not yet been fully brought out [582] (for the law of correspondences has been little studied, nor is it readily apparent) that on the third subplane of each plane this law works in a special manner, causing a very definite breaking-up of something that is tending to separation. Like all that works in the system, the process is slow; the work of disintegration begins on the third subplane, and is finished on the second, when the Law of Disintegration comes under the influence of the Law of Cohesion, the disintegration having effected that which makes cohesion possible. We can see an illustration of this on the mental plane. The causal body of the average man is on the third subplane, and as a man becomes fit for the merging into the Triad, that causal body has to be discarded and done away with. Under the Law of Sacrifice and Death, the disintegration is begun on the third level and is consummated on the second, when the man merges with the Triad, preparatory to the final merging with the Monad.

Another illustration of the same thing can be found on the physical plane. When a man has reached the point where he can sense and see the fourth ether, he is ready for the burning away of the etheric web, which has its location midway between the third and second subplane matter which composes his physical body. When this disintegration is effected, the man merges with his astral vehicle, establishing a consequent continuity of consciousness. This correspondence, and this disintegration, can be traced on each plane, till finally on the atmic level on its third subplane comes the final disintegration, which results in a merging with the monadic consciousness.

The third Ray, that of adaptability or activity, has a close connection with this law. It is through activity (or the adaptation of matter to need), that the form comes into being; through activity it is employed, and through that very adaptation it becomes a perfect form, [583] and at the moment of perfection loses its usefulness; it crystallizes, breaks, and the evolving life escapes to find for itself new forms of greater capacity and adequacy. It is so in the life of the reincarnating Ego; it is so in the rounds and races of humanity; it is so in the solar system; it is so in all cosmic processes.

In the third chain, the moon chain, we have an interesting related fact. On the moon chain the point of attainment for the individual was the arhat or fourth Initiation, - the initiation which marks the final breaking with the three worlds, and the disintegration of the egoic body.

At the end of the third root-race came the first of the great cataclysms that broke the race form, and inaugurated a new one, for it was the first definitely human race as we now know it. The analogy will be found to hold good no matter from what angle the subject may be studied. In the third subrace a correspondence can be traced, though it is not yet apparent to the circumscribed vision which characterizes most of us. Close proximity to an effect often veils a cause.

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