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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
Agni is Fohat, the threefold Energy (emanating from the logoic Ego) which produces the solar system, the physical vehicle of the Logos, and animates the atoms of substance. He is the basis of the evolutionary process, or the cause of the psychic unfoldment of the Logos, and He is that vitality which ultimately brings about a divine synthesis in which the form approximates subjective demand, and after being consciously directed, and manipulated, is finally discarded. This is the goal for the Logos as it is for man; this marks the final liberation of a human being, of a Heavenly Man and of a solar Logos.

We could divide the process into three periods:

  • First. The period wherein the fire of matter (the heat of mother) hides, nourishes and brings to birth the infant Ego. This is the period of purely personality life, when the third aspect dominates, and man is in the veil of illusion.
  • Second. The period wherein the Ego, or subjective life within the form, passes through certain stages of unfoldment, and comes to an ever fuller consciousness. This is the period of egoic development, and is produced by the gradual merging and blending of the two fires. It is the life of service and of the Path.
  • Third. The period wherein the egoic consciousness itself is superseded by spiritual realization, and the fire of Spirit blends with the other two.

At first the personality acts the part of mother, or of material aspect, to the germ of the inner life. Then [611] the Ego manifests its life within the personal life, and produces a shining forth which "growth ever more and more until the perfect day." (Bible. Proverbs IV, 18.) At that perfect day of revelation it is seen what man in essence is, and the Spirit within is revealed. This can be studied from the Christian angle, and Paul was but voicing an occult truth when he enunciated the facts concerning the birth of the Christ within the heart, and the growth of the higher life at the expense of the lower. Thus also can it be taught along occult, and not mystic, lines in the recognition (by science) of the vitalization of the permanent atoms (the force centers of the sheaths or substance), of the unfoldment of the egoic lotus, and the awakening of its petals, and in the final revelation of the jewel in the lotus.

All that can be said of man can be predicated of the Logos on an inconceivably greater scale. As man discovers the laws of his own material sheaths - the laws of substance - he is ascertaining the nature of the fires of the outer man or Fohat, as he vitalizes the logoic vehicle; the fires of his own sheaths are aspects of Agni as the fire of matter. As he ascertains the nature of consciousness, and the laws of psychical unfoldment he is studying the nature of the vitality of the subjective man, and the laws of conscious being, thus studying Agni as He manifests as Light and Cool Radiance, shining through the vehicle. Later (for the time is not yet) as he comes to comprehend the nature of his Monad, the spiritual or essential life which is developing consciousness by means of the sheaths, he will discover the nature of Agni as He shews forth as pure electricity. Even though this is not yet possible, nevertheless the statement as to the lines of investigation which can be pursued, and the realization of that which may eventually [612] be achieved, may cause men's minds to turn to the study of the real and of the true.

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