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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
b. The Functions of the Devas

Having predicated certain basic facts about the devas, viewing them as the sum total of the energy of substance and of substance itself, we come down to more technical details and to the more detailed consideration of these building forces as they construct the thought-form of the Logos, the solar System. From this consideration of them certain practical knowledge will eventuate:

  • First. Knowledge of how to build in mental matter in the three worlds, and how to employ the devas of the gaseous plane of the cosmic physical.
  • Second. Realization of how to combine the pairs of opposites, and thus give body and form to concept.
  • Third. Materialization upon the physical plane of the embodied idea.

1. Manifestation of the Logoic Aspects. This is achieved through the close consideration of the laws of being, and of the method pursued by the Logos in giving His conception form, thus working out His purpose, or will, through that form. In the three planes of man's endeavor we have reflected the three aspects of the Logos as they produce manifestation:

  • The Mental Plane - reflection of the first aspect. The plane of concept, of the union of Father-Spirit-Will and Mother-Matter-Energy. This is the work of the Logos, and this union produces the Son, for Divine Thought takes form. The body of the Ego is there found.
  • Astral Plane - reflection of the second aspect, the Son. Materialization proceeds through desire, and the form grows and evolves, becoming more adequate.
  • Physical Plane - Manifestation. The thought-form (of man or the Logos) appears in activity. The Son is born on the physical plane, the thought of the Thinker (divine or human) becomes an entity, separated [621] from its originating source, yet energized by the vitality emanating from him.

All this becomes possible - speaking now from the human standpoint - through the action of the devas who are that which embodies thought, and that which give it its separated energy, as distinct from the purpose which will work out to fruition as the form becomes adequate as a medium of expression.

2. Deva force substance. As we consider the devas of the seven planes of the solar system, and especially as we consider those who work in the three worlds, we must bear in mind the following statements:

The First Statement. They are the devas who are the dual force-substance of the lowest cosmic plane, the cosmic physical. As regards the three worlds, they are the deva force and substance 2 which compose the dense physical body of the Logos, hence man is limited, as he works on these planes, to those devas who are primarily regarded (from the higher levels) as having no part in the seven principles of the Logos; to those devas who form the gaseous, liquid, and concrete form of the Logos, the devas of concrete fire, of water and of earth in its densest aspect; to those devas who are the automatic, subconscious builders, carrying on the work of the dense physical vehicle of the Logos in the same sense as the builders in man's body work automatically and unconsciously, producing the cells and energizing the bodily functions. This is the basis of the danger to man in tampering with these forces. He is too close to them in many ways; he identifies himself with them and until [622] he has attained the consciousness of the Ego, and has with full knowledge established his identity with the Spirit aspect and not with substance, he is liable to be swept into the line of blind force, and become a lost soul should he trespass ignorantly, and curiously, into their domain.

He is concerned also with those devas who are as yet animated by the life and purpose which distinguished the evolution of the first solar system. That life is the life of God, and that purpose is the working out of His will, but it is evil from our present standpoint, for it is superseded as far as man is concerned by a different purpose and goal. Therefore, identification with that which is past, retrogression and the methods of the old are for a man a return along the path of self-conscious evolution, and lead eventually to a loss of the egoic principle, or of ego-ism, which distinguishes a man (human or heavenly) from the rest of evolution.

2 The Solar Angels are dual in Nature. "Manas is dual - Lunar in the lower, Solar in its upper portion." - S. D., II, 520, 675.

  1. The solar aspect is attracted towards Buddhi.
  2. The other descends into, or is attracted by the lower animal.
  3. The Solar Angels form the "Soul" or Second Aspect.
  4. The chief "Soul" is Manas, or mind." - S. D., II. 521.
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