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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
1. The Function of the Agnisuryans

The devas of the astral plane are those with whom man is very specially connected at this time owing to his astral polarization, and to the place desire and feeling play in his development. Consciousness expands through contact, through intelligent appreciation of that which is contacted, and through realization of that which is to be gained through a specific contact. That which is contacted depends upon reciprocal vibration, and the place therefore of desire (which is the going out after sensation) and of feeling (which is the reflex of that desire) is of real importance; they put man constantly in touch - even though he realizes it not - with deva substance of some kind or another. Even when man has reached a relatively high stage of evolution, the demonstration of that point of attainment is seen in the type of not-self which he contacts; it is only when he is an initiate that [662] he begins to approximate, and to know the meaning of the essential unity which lies at the heart of Being, and to comprehend the oneness of the Universal Soul, and the Unity of that subjective Life which secretes itself behind form of every kind. It should never be forgotten that the matter aspect is found on all planes; also that forms are ever to be found, until the solar ring-pass-not is transcended and the Logos escapes from His present limitation. Owing to this the devas of the astral plane assume a very important place in the three worlds.

Previously, we considered them in a fivefold aspect, dividing them into five groups. At this point we will limit our consideration to the relationship of self-conscious units such as Man and the planetary Logos to this deva substance. A great distinction exists between man and his prototype, a Heavenly Man.

The astral plane plays a very real part in the evolution of man, having a close connection with one of his principles. Astral matter and vibration is one of the controlling factors in the lives of the great majority of people. To the Heavenly Man, astral matter corresponds to the liquid portion in the physical body of man, and is for Him therefore no principle.

The astral plane is man's principal battleground and the area of his most intense field of sensation, - mental sensation (esoterically understood) is for him as yet only a possibility. The astral body is the seat of man's most violent vibration, and these vibrations are a potent cause of his physical plane activities. If man only realized it, the devas of the astral plane at present very largely control what he does and says, and his goal of evolution (his immediate goal) is to liberate himself from their control in order that he, the real Ego or thinker, may be the dominating influence. To be explicit, and thus to illustrate this point: the little elemental lives which form the body of the emotions, and the positive [663] life of any evolutionary deva who (through similarity of vibration) is linked to any particular man and who gives to him an astral body of a coherent and positive power, are as yet practically in control of the majority. Man usually does as his desires and instincts prompt him. If this evolutionary deva is of a high order (as will be the case in a highly developed man) the vibration will be high, and the desires and instincts will be good and exoterically right. Nevertheless, if the man is controlled by them, he is as yet under deva influence, and must free himself. If the deva life is of a low order, the man will demonstrate low and vicious instincts, and desires of a vile caliber.

If these remarks are rightly apprehended, some understanding will come of what is meant when the deva evolution is spoken of as being a "parallel evolution " to that of man. In the three worlds the two lines of evolution parallel each other, and must not be consciously one. In the planes of the Triad they are known as a unity, producing the Divine Hermaphrodite, or the Heavenly Man - the self-conscious human units embodying the three aspects of divinity, while the conscious deva units embody the divine attributes. The two, blended together, form the body of manifestation, the centers and substance of the Heavenly Man. Great is the mystery, and until man knows his place within the conscious whole, he should reserve his opinion as to the meaning thereof. It will be apparent, therefore, in view of the connection between the astral plane with its unified work, and the buddhic plane with the conscious harmony there experienced, that the astral body of man calls for the closest study and understanding. A link will be found through its medium with the buddhic plane and harmonious activity on the physical plane will be produced. The student of occultism should study carefully in this connection: [664]

  1. The physical sun, and its relation to prana and the etheric body.
  2. The subjective sun, and its connection with the astral plane, with the kama-manasic principle, and the astral body.
  3. The central spiritual sun, and its relation to the Spirit or atma in man. (S. D., II, 250, 251.)
  4. The heart of the sun, and its relation to the lower and higher mental bodies, producing that peculiar manifestation we call the causal body. In this connection it must be remembered that the force which flows from the heart of the sun, works through a triangle formed by the Venusian scheme, the Earth and the sun.
    That another triangle was also formed involving two planets was to be expected under the law, and the triangles vary according to the scheme involved.
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