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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
They have scarcely been hinted at as yet in occult literature, but they contain within themselves the secret of our planetary individualization. They were the group which had much to do with the "sin of the mindless," and are very closely associated with animal man. To the power and control which these pitris assumed must be ascribed much of the disastrous early happenings referred to in the Secret Doctrine, such as the above mentioned "sin," and also the early "failures" in building suitable vehicles for Spirits seeking incarnation. Here also may be found the beginnings of that mysterious divergence which we call the "left and right hand paths," which conditions (existing within the body logoic and consequently being part of the divine consciousness) originated in the remote "space of time," when the sons of God were seeking form. It has to do with a special condition in the astral body of our planetary Logos, and with His history as it lies hidden in the astral light.

It concerns that which He has to surmount and many of the problems which face the occultist, including the "sin of the mindless," the failure in Atlantean days, and even that mysterious "failure" of the Buddha (which has a planetary significance only hinted at in the Secret Doctrine) 18 can be traced back to the condition of the deva substance of which the astral body of our planet, and the astral bodies of all forms are formed. Our planetary Logos is one of the Lords spoken of as being a lesser lord, and more "full of passion" than the higher three. Not even yet is His work completed, and deva [674] substance in its various living orders is not yet brought fully under His control. The deva evolution has far to travel.

If this idea be extended to the solar system, it will be apparent that the astral vehicles of the different planetary Logoi differ. This difference is necessarily dependent upon Their cosmic astral life which directly affects the systemic astral, or the physical liquid subplane of the cosmic physical. This is a point but little realized. The dense physical body of the planetary Logos exists, as we know, in a threefold condition - dense, liquid, and gaseous - and each is acted upon directly from the corresponding cosmic plane. The condition of the various physical planets will some day be found to be dependent upon this fact.

When the psychic nature of the planetary Logos is understood (which knowledge is entered upon after initiation, being a part of the Wisdom) the nature of the different schemes, as regards their watery aspect, for instance, will be found to be connected with a particular astral state. As the initiate progresses in wisdom, he intuitively comprehends the essential nature of the seven groups, or of the logoic Septenate, which is that concerning their color or quality. This color or quality is dependent upon the psychic nature of any particular planetary Logos, and His emotional or desire nature can thereby be somewhat studied by the initiate. This will lead eventually to a scientific consideration of the effect of this nature upon His dense physical body, and particularly that portion of it which we call the astral plane, the liquid subplane of the cosmic physical plane. A reflection of this (or a further working out, if that term is preferred) is found in the liquid portions of the physical planet.

The seventh subplane of the cosmic physical plane can be subdivided into seven, which are our seven physical [675] subplanes. It is this knowledge which enables a magician to work. Given a certain physical phenomenon - such as the weight of water, for instance, upon a planet - and an initiate of the higher orders can form deductions from it as to the quality of the exalted Life manifesting through a plane. He arrives at this knowledge through a process of reasoning from the liquid (sixth) subplane of the systemic physical plane to:

  1. The liquid subplane of the cosmic physical, our systemic astral plane.
  2. The fourth cosmic ether, the buddhic plane.
  3. The second cosmic ether, the monadic plane, or the plane of the seven Heavenly Men.
  4. The cosmic astral plane, thus getting in touch with the desire nature of the God.

This method naturally involves a vast knowledge of the deva substance and predicates an intuitive realization of their orders and groups, the keynotes of those orders and of the planes, and also of the triple nature of substance and a knowledge of how to work with the third type of electrical force, which is the type of energy which puts a man in touch with extra-systemic phenomena. Hence that force still remains unknown, and is only contacted as yet by high initiates.

It will again be apparent why the Agnisuryans are of such supreme importance; they embody force which is a direct emanation from the cosmic astral plane and which reveals - when triply blended - the desire nature of our Heavenly Man, and of any particular planetary Logos. In the two opposites, which are called by the theologians "Heaven and Hell," we have two of these types of force hinted at, and in this thought we have indicated one of the keys to the astral plane.

18 The Stanzas at the beginning of Volume II of the Secret Doctrine make these failures apparent. - S. D., II, 195, 201, 721, 728.

The Failure of the Buddha. See S. D., III, 376-588.

The Imperfect Gods are referred to in S. D., I, 214, 449; II, 223; III, 209.

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