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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
The second group, the intermediate, can be subdivided into two lesser groups:
  1. Those who implant the spark of manas,
  2. Those who fan and feed the latent flame in the best types of animal man,

thus again making five. These statements have been accepted at their face value, but little attention is paid to the real meaning. Much profit would come if the student would study the subject from the standpoint of energy, and of magnetic interaction. Those who refused to incarnate or to energize with their life the prepared forms, were acting under Law, and their opposition to incarnation in these forms was based on magnetic repulsion. They could not energize the forms provided, for it involved the opposition of that which is occultly the same. The lesser was not negative to the greater Life. Where the Spark was implanted we have the receptivity of the negative aspect to the positive force and therefore the progress of the work. In every case we have deva substance of one polarity energized by another polarity with the goal in view of producing - through their mutual interaction - a balancing of forces, and the attainment of a third type of electrical phenomena.

The question of the coming of the Lords of Flame is discussed hereafter under the heading "Individualization." At this point we are only dealing with the work of these chohanic forces in a systemic and cosmic sense. These solar entities, being liberated intelligent Essences were in pralaya of a secondary nature when the time came for their reappearance in manifestation. When the WORD sounded forth which produced desire in the Triad for self-expression, and when the sound of the lower manifestation had blended with it, and had risen up into the Heavens, as the occult books express it, [702] an effect was produced which caused a response in certain allied constellations; this set loose energy which swept into the solar system, carrying with it those solar angels who "rested in the Heart of God until the hour was come." Their appearance upon the mental plane brought about the union of Spirit and matter, and from this union was born a self-conscious Identity, the Ego. On cosmic levels, an analogous process occurs in connection with such stupendous Identities as a solar Logos, and the septenary Lives.

As the energy of a human being, seeking incarnation, passes down from the plane of intensive purpose, the mental plane, into the physical vehicle on the gaseous or fifth subplane, so a somewhat analogous stimulation takes place in the body logoic. A somewhat similar process can also be seen in connection with this energy in a human body as it stimulates the life of the individual cell, and brings about relatively its intelligent cooperation in group work, and its ability to take its place in the body corporate. It is so with the human Monads, the cells in the body logoic. When science recognizes this fact (which will scarcely be yet awhile) attention will be turned to the volatile essences of the body, to the heart center particularly, and its relation to these gaseous elements. The heart will be found to be not only the engine which circulates the life fluids, but also the generator of a certain type of intelligent essence which is the positive factor in the life of the cell.

Some idea can be gathered from this as to the microcosmic process, for the individualization of the units is brought about through a macrocosmic happening which produces effects in the microcosm.

A final point here needs emphasizing. Occultly understood, the five Kumaras or the five Mind-born Sons of Brahma are the embodiers of this manasic force on [703] our planet; but They only reflect (in the Hierarchy of our planet) the function of the five Kumaras or Rishis who are the Lords of the five Rays manifesting through the four lesser planets and the synthesizing planet.

These five Kumaras are the channels for this force and one of Them, the Lord of the planet Venus, embodies in Himself the function of the fifth Hierarchy. This accounts for the activity of Venus at the moment of individualization in this round. In the next round, this fifth Hierarchy will be utilizing our Earth scheme in this way, and we shall then see manas in full fruition working out in the human family. This fifth Hierarchy of Agnishvattas in their many grades embody the "I principle" and are the producers of self-consciousness, and the builders of man's body of realization. In time and space, and on the mental plane, they are Man himself in essential essence; they enable him to build his own body of causes, to unfold his own egoic lotus, and gradually to free himself from the limitations of the form which he has constructed, and thus to put himself - in due course of time - into the line of another type of energy, that of buddhi. To word it otherwise, through Their work man can become conscious without the manasic vehicle, for manas is but the form through which a higher principle is making itself known. The life of God comes cyclically under the influence of the different Hierarchies or forces, all of which temporarily build for it a vehicle, pass it through their substance, give to it in this way a certain quality or coloring, and increase thereby its vibratory capacity until eventually the life is set free from hierarchical limitation. It then returns to its eternal Source plus the gain of its experiences and with the increased energy which is the result of its various transitions.

Let us bear carefully in mind, that the Rays are the positive aspect in manifestation and pass down into [704] negative matter, deva or hierarchical substance, thus causing certain evidences of activity. The Hierarchies are the negative aspect as far as the Rays are concerned and are responsive to Ray impulse. But within each Ray and each Hierarchy in this system a dual force again will be found. The Sons of God are bisexual. The deva substance is also dual, for the evolutionary devas are the positive energy of the atom, cell or subhuman form, for instance, while the electrons or lesser lives within the form are negative.

The mystery of the Manasaputras is hidden in this, and in the function of the fifth Hierarchy, and it is not possible to reveal more of it. The secret of Buddhi, the sixth or Christ principle, which concerns these Sons of God, and the secret of the fifth Hierarchy which is the vehicle or recipient of buddhi, cannot be mentioned outside initiated circles. It holds hid the possibility of egoic unfoldment, and keeps secret the karma of the Heavenly Men, the five Kumaras.

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