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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
We can now trace the progress of egoic energy as it passes down from the abstract levels to the permanent atoms. On each plane the work is threefold, and might be tabulated as follows:

1. The response within the permanent atom to the vibration set up by the solar Pitris; to word it [782] otherwise: the response of the highest group of lunar Pitris to the chord of the Ego. This definitely affects the spirillae of the atom, according to the stage of evolution of the Ego concerned.

2. The response of the substance to the atomic vibration upon the particular plane involved. This concerns the second group of Pitris, whose function it is to gather together the substance attuned to any particular key, and to aggregate it around the permanent atom. They work under the Law of Magnetic Attraction, and are the attractive energy of the permanent atom. On a tiny scale each permanent atom has (to the substance of a man's sheaths) a position relative to that which the physical sun holds to the substance of the system. It is the nucleus of attractive force.

3. The response of the negative substance concerned and its molding into the desired form through the dual energy of the two higher groups of Pitris. Some thought of the unity of this threefold work has been given in the differentiation of the substance of any plane into:

  1. Atomic substance.
  2. Molecular substance.
  3. Elemental essence.

This differentiation is not entirely accurate, and a truer idea of the underlying concept might be conveyed if the word "energy" took the place of "substance and essence." This third group of Pitris is really not correctly termed Pitris at all. The true lunar Pitris are those of the first and highest group, for they embody one aspect of the intelligent will of Brahma, or of God-in-substance. The third group are literally the lesser Builders, and are blind incoherent forces, subject to the energy emanating from the two higher groups. Occultly these three groups are divided into the following: [783]

  1. The Pitris who see, but touch nor handle not.
  2. The Pitris who touch but see not.
  3. The Pitris who hear but neither see nor touch.

As they all have the gift of occult hearing, they are characterized as the "Pitris with the open ear"; they work entirely under the influence of the egoic mantram. If these differentiations are studied a great deal may become apparent anent a very important group of deva workers. They are a group who only come into manifestation as a coordinated triplicity in the fourth round in order to provide vehicles for man; the reason for this lies hid in the karma of the seven Logoi, as They energize the fourth, fifth and sixth Hierarchies. In the earlier round in each scheme these three groups attain a certain stage of necessitated growth, and embody the highest evolution of the substance aspect. Only the highest and most perfected of the atoms of substance find their way into the vehicles of man, - those which have been the integral parts of the higher evolutionary forms.

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