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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
In connection with this building of man's sheaths certain interesting points of manifestation occur which might be dealt with now, leaving the student to work out the correspondences in relation to the system and the planet, and giving only general indications which may be of use to him in his conclusions. [787]

In all the work of form-building, certain very vital occasions occur which concern the Ego even more than the sheaths themselves, though the reflex action between the lower personal self and the higher is so close as to be well nigh inseparable.

The moment wherein the Ego appropriates the sheath. This takes place only after the fourth spirilla is beginning to vibrate, and the period differs according to the power of the ego over the lower self. In connection with the dense physical vehicle, an analogy can be seen when the Ego ceases from his work of over-shadowing, and at some period between the fourth and seventh year makes his contact with the physical brain of the child. A similar occurrence takes place in connection with the etheric vehicle, the astral, and the mental.

The moment wherein the energy of the Ego is transmitted from one sheath to a lower one. It is often overlooked that the path of incarnation is not a quick one, but that the Ego descends very slowly and takes possession gradually of his vehicles; the less evolved the man, the slower is the process. We are dealing here with the period of time which transpires after the Ego has made the first move towards descent, and not with the time which elapses between two incarnations. This work of passing on to a plane for purposes of incarnation marks a definite crisis, and is characterized by the exertion of the will in sacrifice, the appropriation of the substance in love, and its energizing into activity.

The moment wherein the particular type of force with which any particular sheath is energized is appropriated. This brings the sheath concerned:

  1. Under the influence of the egoic ray,
  2. Under the influence of a particular subray of the egoic ray,
  3. And through that influence - [788]
    • Under certain astrological influences,
    • Under certain planetary radiations,
    • Under the influences of certain force currents, emanating from certain constellations.

These three events have a very interesting analogy in connection with the work of the Logos in the construction of His physical body, the solar system, and also in certain correspondences which can be seen embodied in facts dealt with at the first three Initiations.

From the standpoint of the lower self, the two most vital moments in the work of the reincarnating Ego, are those in which the mental unit is re-energized into cyclic activity, and in which the etheric body is vitalized. It concerns that which links the center at the base of the spine with a certain point within the physical brain via the spleen. This is dealing purely with the physiological key.

We might now touch upon a very interesting point concerning the dense physical body, dealing therefore with that which is not considered a principle either in the macrocosm or the microcosm. As we know, man is essentially mental man, and astral man; then the two take to themselves an etheric sheath for purposes of objective work. That is the true lower man, these two in the etheric body. But later - in order to know even on the lowest plane of all - man takes to himself a coat of skin, as the Bible expresses it, and puts on (over his etheric body) that outer illusory form we know so well. It is his lowest point of objectivity and his direct "imprisoning." This appropriation of a dense sheath by the Ego is subject to a very peculiar piece of karma connected with the four Kumaras, or Heavenly Men, Who form the logoic Quaternary. In the schemes which concern the logoic Triad (or those of the three major Rays or Heavenly Men) dense physical incarnation is not the appointed [789] lot, and man functions in his lowest manifestation in etheric matter.

This appropriation of the lowest body is distinguished in several ways from the approach to the other sheaths. For one thing, there is no permanent atom to be vitalized. The physical plane is a complete reflection of the mental; the lowest three subplanes reflect the abstract subplanes and the four etheric subplanes reflect the four mental concrete planes. The manifestation of the Ego on the mental plane (or the causal body) is not the result of energy emanating from the permanent atoms as a nucleus of force but is the result of different forces, and primarily of group force. It is predominantly marked by an act of an exterior force, and is lost in the mysteries of planetary karma. This is equally true of man's lowest manifestations. It is the result of reflex action, and is based on the force of the group of etheric centers through which man (as an aggregate of lives) is functioning. The activity of these centers sets up an answering vibration in the three lowest subplanes of the physical plane, and the interaction between the two causes an adherence to, or aggregation around, the etheric body of particles of what we erroneously term "dense substance." This type of energized substance is swept up in the vortex of force currents issuing from the centers and cannot escape. These units of force, therefore, pile up according to the energy direction around and within the etheric sheath till it is hidden and concealed, yet interpenetrating. An inexorable law, the law of matter itself, brings this about, and only those can escape the effect of the vitality of their own centers who are definitely "Lords of Yoga" and can - through the conscious will of their own being - escape the compelling force of the Law of Attraction working on the lowest cosmic physical subplane.

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