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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
(h.) Incarnation and Karma

In resuming our consideration of the process pursued by the reincarnating Ego, it is necessary to point out that the entire subject radically concerns energy, and that according to the place in evolution of the unit of force involved, so will the length of time required for the process be brief, or the reverse. In the early stages, the initiatory impulse is heavy and slow, and the matter required for the sheaths is of a correspondingly "low" grade, that is, it is of low vibratory capacity, and the time elapsing between the first vibration outwards on the mental plane, and the coordination of the dense physical body is a long one. Later on, the vibration becomes more powerful and the effects therefore are more rapidly felt. At the close of evolution, when the human unit is upon the Path and consciously controlling his destiny, and working off [792] karma, the intervals intervening between two incarnations are brief or not as the man may choose in the interests of the work to be done, and according to his intention to achieve liberation from form. It must also be remembered that as the evolutionary process proceeds, the egoic activity calls out response not only from substance in the three worlds, but also from the formless levels of the system. The response will be felt finally on monadic levels. Then, after a moment of equilibrium, the effect of the rhythm is felt entirely on the higher planes, and leaves the lower.

The word "moment" is used here in its occult significance to specify a period of time, and must be considered as a period relative to a day or year of Brahma. One of the secrets of initiation is concerned with the apprehension of cycles, and with their duration, and the following terms have to be appreciated, their duration recognized, and their antithesis (an intervening pralaya) duly considered before a man is considered a true occultist.

  1. 100 years of Brahma - An occult century. The period of a solar system.
  2. One year of Brahma - The period of seven chains, where the seven planetary schemes are concerned.
  3. One week of Brahma - The period of seven rounds in one scheme. It has a chain significance.
  4. One day of Brahma - The occult period of a round.
  5. One hour of Brahma - Concerns interchain affairs.
  6. One Brahmic minute - Concerns the planetary centers, and therefore egoic groups.
  7. One Brahmic moment - Concerns an egoic group, and its relation to the whole.

These are the greater periods of time, and when their significance is comprehended, much that is now obscure [793] will be revealed. As yet, it is only to initiates that the true figures are given, the figures in the Secret Doctrine, such as the 100 years of Brahma, strike the general average but it must be ever remembered that in considering the figures where a scheme, for instance, is concerned, much latitude has to be allowed for individual planetary karma, and idiosyncrasy.

The following points are worthy of consideration when upon this subject, and deal with some interesting factors.

All the planetary Rishis are not equally "long-lived," in the occult sense of the term, and the seven planetary Logoi of the seven sacred planets are at different stages of evolution; Their vibratory response, therefore, differs, producing varying effects in time.

The three major planetary schemes (Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn) have not, as yet, received their fullest stimulation, and will not do so until the "energy of the sacred seven" has been transferred to Them. Figures, therefore, as regards their duration and persistence are not in order.

The figures for the planets concerned with the "inner round" differ as to length of time but not as to space location from those of other planets.

The true figures in connection with any planetary scheme and its occult activity are not ascertainable by the man who cannot be trusted with the significance of the other planetary bodies (of great number) within the solar ring-pass-not. The entire solar sphere is full of such bodies, characterized by the same features as are the seven and the ten, and each of them in some degree has an effect upon the whole. Figures, therefore, cannot be considered as final until the effect of the lesser planetary bodies upon their immediate neighbors is known, and the extent of their planetary radiation has been gauged. There are more than 115 of such bodies to be reckoned with, and all are at varying stages of vibratory [794] impulse. They have definite orbits, they turn upon their axis, they draw their "life" and substance from the sun, but owing to their relative insignificance, they have not yet been considered factors of moment. This attitude of mind will change when etheric vision is a fact, and the reality of the existence of an etheric double of all that is in manifestation will be recognized by scientists. This fact will be demonstrated towards the close of the century, and, during the early part of the next century a revolution in astronomical circles will occur which will result in the study of the "etheric planets." As these bodies are organs of energy, permeating the dense form, the study of the interaction of solar energy, and the occult "give and take" of planetary bodies will assume a new significance. Certain planetary bodies (both greater and lesser) are "absorbers," others are "radiators," while some are in the stage of demonstrating a dual activity, and are being "transmuted." All these circumstances require to be considered by the initiate who is dealing with cycles.

Figures also must be computed when the effect upon the planets of what are called "asteroids" is known. This is much greater than exoteric science has so far admitted, but the significance of this must eventually be interpreted in terms of energy and on etheric levels.

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