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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
d. On the Building of the Causal Body

We enter now upon one of the most vitally practical parts of our Treatise on Fire, that which deals with the building of the causal body, or body of manifestation of the Ego. It concerns the work of the solar Angels, or the true self-conscious Identity, man. If the student has in any way apprehended the general trend of the earlier pages, he will now be in a condition of mind which will enable him to interpret all that is said in terms of energy, or of that vibratory activity which is produced by the three major phases of electrical phenomena, the union which produces that divine manifestation called Man, or, when the aggregated units are considered, the human kingdom.

(a) Introductory Remarks

We have studied somewhat the constitution of the Triangles, or Pitris, Who, through self-sacrifice, endow man with self-consciousness, building his egoic vehicle out of Their own essence. We [808] have touched briefly upon the lunar Pitris, who endow man with his lower sheaths and principles through which the energy of the solar Lords may make itself felt, and we shall now proceed to study three things:

  • First, the effect of the higher energy upon the lower bodies, as it gradually makes itself felt during the evolutionary process, and thus simultaneously "redeems" man in an occult sense, and also "elevates" the lunar Pitris.
  • Second, the effect of this energy on the mental plane in the development and unfoldment of the egoic lotus.
  • Third, the awakening to activity of the central Life within the lotus. This activity demonstrates in a twofold manner:
    1. As the realization by the man on the physical plane within the physical brain of his divine nature, resulting in a consequent demonstration of divinity upon earth, prior to liberation.
    2. As the conscious activity of the individual Ego on the mental plane in cooperation with its group or groups.

In the first case, we have the effect of the egoic life upon its sheaths, and their subsequent control, and in the second case we have the self-awakening of the egoic unit on its own plane; in the third case, we have a group realization, or the entrance by the unit into the consciousness of the Heavenly Man.

It will not be possible to do more than indicate broad general lines of development. The subject of egoic evolution cannot be fully comprehended until after initiation, but it is felt now by the Teachers on the inner side that the main principles had better be given out at once in view of the unexpected development (since the opening of this century) of two great sciences:

  • The Science of Electricity. The investigations of [809] scientists have been greatly stimulated by the discovery of radium, which is an electrical phenomenon of a certain kind, and by the knowledge this discovery brought of the radioactive substances; the development of the many methods of utilizing electricity has also greatly aided. This science has brought man to the threshold of a discovery which will revolutionize world thought on these matters, and which will eventually solve a great part of the economic problem, thus leaving many more persons free for mental growth and work. This expansion of knowledge can be looked for before one hundred and fifty years have transpired.
  • The Science of Psychology. The psychoanalytic theories which (though indicative of progress) are yet tending in a wrong direction, may prove disastrous to the higher development of the race unless the true nature of the "psyche" is elucidated. When the public mind has apprehended, even cursorily, the following briefly stated facts, the trend of popular education, the object of political science, and the goal of economic and social endeavor will take a new and better direction. These facts might be summed up in the following postulates:

I. Man is in essence divine. 59 This has ever been enunciated throughout the ages, but remains as yet a beautiful theory or belief, and not a proven scientific fact, nor is it universally held. [810]

II. Man is in fact a fragment of the Universal Mind, or world soul, 60 and as a fragment is thus partaker of the instincts and quality of that soul, as it manifests through the human family. Therefore, unity is only possible upon the plane of mind. This, if true, must lead to the tendency to develop within the physical brain a conscious realization of group affiliations on the mental plane, a conscious recognition of group relationships, ideals and goal, and a conscious manifestation of that continuity of consciousness which is the object of evolution at this time. It will further produce the transference of the race consciousness from the physical plane to the mental, and a consequent solving through "knowledge, love, and sacrifice" of all present problems. This will bring about emancipation from the present physical plane disorder. It must lead to the education of the public as to the nature of man, and the development of the powers latent within him - powers which will set him free from his present limitations, and which will produce in the human family a collective repudiation of. the present conditions. When men everywhere recognize themselves and each other, as divine self-conscious units, functioning primarily in the causal body but utilizing the three lower vehicles only as a means of contact with the three lower planes, we will have government, politics, economics and the social order readjusted upon sound, sane and divine lines.

59 Each human being is an incarnation of God. - S. D., III, 449.
Compare: - S. D., II, 541; S. D., III, 475; and the Biblical words: "I have said, Ye are Gods." "Know ye not that ye are the Temple of the Holy Spirit?"

No Being can become a God without passing through the human cycles.
- S. D., II, 336.

Man therefore is like God in that he represents the pairs of opposites, good and evil, light and darkness, male and female, etc. He is a duality.

He represents also God in that He is a triplicity, being three in one, and one in three.
- See S. D., II, 553.

By man the divine Monad is meant.
- S. D., II, 196.

60 S. D., I, Proem., pp. 42-44.

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