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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
We must not only study them in connection with ourselves and with our effort to identify ourselves with the solar Lords of the lunar Pitris, but must recognize also:
  1. The solar Angels of a planetary scheme.
  2. The solar Angels of the solar system.
  3. The lunar lords of the scheme and system.

The word "lunar" is here an anachronism and is technically inaccurate. The moon or moons in any scheme are systemic effects, and are not causes. In certain planetary relationships, they are considered causes, but in connection with our solar system they are not. Yet also, in connection with a system, there exist cosmically certain bodies in space which have as definite an effect upon the system as the moon has upon the earth. This is something as yet unknown and incomprehensible to metaphysicians, scientists and astronomers. War wages cosmically as yet between the systemic "lunar" lords, and those Entities who are analogous to the solar Lords on cosmic levels. Until our students extend their concept to include in their calculations the logoic astral and mental bodies as the Logos seeks to express emotion and mind on the physical plane (through His physical body, a solar system) they will not progress far towards the heart of the solar mystery. Until the force of the cosmic lunar Lords is sought for, the fact of there being entire constellations beyond our solar system in process of disintegration in time and space in a manner similar to [835] the disintegration of the moon will not be known nor the effects of this traced. Eventually our solar system will pass into a similar state. The true mystery of evil 65 lies here, and the true reality of the "War in Heaven" must here be sought. Similarly it must be remembered that planetary schemes pass into obscuration and "die out," through the withdrawal in all cases of the positive life and energy and of the electric fire which is the animating principle of every system, scheme, globe, kingdom in nature, and human unit. This produces again in every case the dying out of the "solar radiance," or of the light produced by the commingling of the negative and positive energy. All that is left in every case again is the habitual energy of the substance upon which, and through which, the positive energy has had such a [836] remarkable effect. This negative type of force gradually dissipates, or disperses itself, and seeks the central reservoir of energy. The spheroidal form is thus disintegrated. This can be seen working out now in the case of the moon, and the same rule holds good for all bodies. We might word it otherwise: The solar Devas (or radiant energy) return to the central Heart or to the source which breathed them out. This leaves the lesser deva substance dependent upon its own internal heat, as it involves the withdrawal of that which built substance into form. This deva substance is of many kinds and perhaps the consequent procedure can be more clearly understood if we say that as the form breaks up the lesser builders and devas return to their group soul. Certain of them, those who form the bodies of the fourth kingdom in nature, and who are therefore the highest kind of substance through which consciousness can manifest in the three worlds, are on the road towards individualization, - they are nearer the human stage than the substance of the three other kingdoms. They occupy a place in the deva evolution analogous to that which a man holds in the human kingdom (note that I say kingdom, not evolution) who is nearing the Path. The goal for the devas (below the rank of solar Pitris) is individualization, and their objective is to become men in some future cycle. The goal for a man is initiation, or to become a conscious Dhyan Chohan, and in some distant cycle to do for the humanity of that age what the solar Pitris have done for him, and make their self-conscious expression a possibility. The goal for a solar Pitri is, as said earlier, to become a logoic Ray. 66 [837]

65 Problem of Evil.

The following quotation is from a trance writing, given through Dr. Anna Kingsford; it runs thus:

"You have demanded also the origin of evil. This is a great subject, and we should have withheld it from you longer, but that it seems to us now that you are in need of it. Understand then that Evil is the result of Creation. For Creation is the result of the projection of Spirit into matter; and with this projection came the first germ of evil. We would have you know that there is no such thing as a purely spiritual evil, but evil is the result of the materialization of Spirit. If you examine carefully all we have said to you concerning the various forms of evil, you will see that every one is the result of the limitation of the power to perceive that the whole Universe is but the Larger Self... It is, then, true that God created evil; but yet it is true that God is Spirit, and being Spirit is incapable of evil. Evil is then purely and solely the result of the materialization of God. This is a great mystery. We can but indicate it tonight... God is perception itself. God is universal percipience. God is that which sees and that which is seen. If we could see all, hear all, touch all, and so forth, there would be no evil, for evil comes of the limitation of perception. Such limitation was necessary if God was to produce aught other than God. Aught other than God must be less than God. Without evil, therefore, God would have remained alone. All things are God according to the measure of the Spirit in them."

That is to say, a perfected humanity will be a perfect vehicle of the divine Spirit (see the Mercaba of Ezekiel, 1st Chapter). Great is our indebtedness to the Seers who throw out for us flashes of light on the darkness and mystery of human life, where the struggling Spirit within is so often buried in the depths of this mysterious Chaos, thereby making visible the darkness, so that we are enabled to see a few steps of the Way ahead, thus encouraging us to press forward with renewed assurance that the mists and clouds will be dispelled, and we shall in due time enter the fullness of the divine Presence.
- The Theosophist, Vol. XXIX, p. 50.

66 The Goal for the Pitris:

The lunar Pitris are on a level with the lower Principles. - S. D., II, 82.

  1. They create our lower principles - S. D., II, 92.
  2. They possess creative fire but not divine fire - S. D., II, 81, 82.
  3. They evolve the human form - S. D., I, 203.
  4. They will eventually become men - S. D., I, 203.
    Compare S. D., II, 99.

The higher Principles are latent in the animals. - S. D., II, 266, 279.

  1. The solar Pitris embody the fifth principle - S. D., I, 241.
  2. They give consciousness to man - S. D., I, 204.
  3. They furnish the vehicle for the incarnating Monad, forming the egoic body
    - S. D., I, 237.
  4. They develop the human type - S. D., II, 243.
    Compare S. D., II, 96.
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