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A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals
Purificatory Fire

"The fire burned low. A dull red glow slumbered within the Heart of Mother. Its warmth was scarcely felt. The first and second of the inner lines throbbed with the burning, but the rest were cold.

The Sons of God looked down from the innermost center. They looked, then turned away Their gaze and thoughts to other spheres. Their hour had not yet come. The elemental fires had not prepared the altar for the Lords. The sacrificial fire waited in its high place and the steady glow beneath increased.

The fire burned clearer, and the first and second slowly lighted up. Their glow became a line of brilliant fire yet the five remained untouched. The Sons of God again looked down. For one brief second They thought upon the Mother, and as They thought the third caught fire. Swiftly They looked away for the form as yet relayed to Them no call. The heat was latent and no outer warmth ascended to Their place.

The aeons passed. The glow increased. The Spheres took form, but dissipated rapidly, lacking coherent force. They passed. They came again. Action incessant, noise and fire and smoldering heat characterized Their cycles. But the Lhas in Their high heaven spurned this elemental work and gazed within Themselves. They meditated.

* * *

The glow became a steady burning and tiny flames were seen. The first, the second, and the third became three lines of fire and one triangle was consummated. Yet the four are seen quiescent [839] and respond not to the heat. Thus do the cycles and the elemental lives pass and repass, and their work continues.

The forms are set, yet brief their span. They move not, yet they pass. The hour has come for the great awakening. They pass no longer down but mount.

This is the interlude for which the Lhas in Their high place have waited. They may not enter yet the forms prepared, but feel Their hour approaching. They meditate anew, and for a minute gaze upon the myriad threefold fires until the fourth responds.

The sixty seconds passed in dynamic concentration produce forms of triple kind, three sets of forms, and myriads in the three. The Heart of Mother contracts, and expands with these sixty fiery breaths. The lines become allied, and cubes are formed, shielding the inner fire. The altar is prepared, and four square stands. The altar glows, red at the center and warm without.

* * *

The altar flames. Its heat mounts up, yet it burns not, nor is consumed. Its heat, which has no flame, reaches a higher sphere; the Sons of God for a brief period warm Themselves, yet approach not nearer to it until the passing of another cycle. They await the hour, the hour of sacrifice.

The solar Lords, taking the Word as sounded by the Sons of God, arise in the fierceness of their solar life and approach the altar. The four lines glow and burn. The sun applies a ray; the solar Lords pass it through Their substance and again approach the altar. The fifth line awakens and becomes a glowing point, and then a dull red line, measuring the distance 'twixt the altar and the One Who watches.

The fivefold fire dynamic begins to flicker and to burn. It lights not yet without; it simply glows. The aeons pass away, the cycles come and go.

Steadily the solar Lords sacrifice Themselves; They are the fire upon the altar. The fourth provides the fuel.

* * *

The Sons of God still watch. The work nears its final consummation. The Eternal Lhas in Their high place call each to each, and four take up the cry: "The fire is burning. Does the heat suffice?" [840]

Two answer to each other: " 'The fire is burning; the altar is well-nigh destroyed. What happens next?' " "Add to the fire with fuel from Heaven. Breathe on the blazing fire and fan its flame to utter fierceness."

Thus the command goes out from One Who watches, silent hitherto, through countless aeons. They send forth breath. Something prevents the passage of the breath. They call for aid. One makes His appearance Who has not yet been seen.

He lifts His hand. The one, the two, the three, the four and five merge into one and mingle with the sixth. The flame mounts up, responding to the breath. The final disappearance of the cube is needed and then the work stands forth."

From the archives of The Lodge.

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